Working With Caregivers of Those With Dementia

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With a continuously increasing aging population in the United States, there has been a commensurate rise in cases of dementia as well as incidences of adults assuming caregiving for family members and spouses.

Because dementia is a progressive deterioration in cognitive functions that leads to intellectual, emotional, and behavioral changes, it presents significant challenges to the patient and caregiver alike. Often, the caregivers of older adults with dementia experience feelings of depression and anxiety as they attempt to care for their loved ones.

In this video, Dr. Susan M. McCurry discusses and demonstrates her contextual approach to working specifically with caregivers of those who have been diagnosed with dementia. Dr. McCurry meets with a middle-aged husband and wife who equally share the responsibility of taking care of the husband's mother, who has been diagnosed with dementia. Dr. McCurry helps the clients discuss their personal choices and cope with their life-altering transitions.

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