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    Addressing Issues of Spirituality and Religion in Psychotherapy

    By Shafranske, Edward P.

    Dr. Edward P. Shafranske demonstrates his psychoanalytic therapeutic approach to handling issues of spirituality and religion within the context of therapy.

    Copyright: 2006 | DVD

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    Christian Counseling

    By McMinn, Mark R.

    In Christian Counseling, Dr. Mark R. McMinn provides an example of his relational cognitive therapy from a Christian perspective.

    Copyright: 2006 | DVD

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    Mindful Therapy

    By Ladner, Lorne

    Lorne Ladner discusses his approach to incorporating mindfulness techniques into psychotherapy.

    Copyright: 2007 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Mindfulness for Addiction Problems

    By Marlatt, G. Alan

    Dr. G. Alan Marlatt demonstrates his meditative technique for helping clients with substance addictions.

    Copyright: 2005 | DVD or VHS

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    Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression

    By Segal, Zindel V.

    Dr. Zindel V. Segal demonstrates a mind–body approach to helping clients who have experienced depression to prevent a relapse into depressive symptoms.

    Copyright: 2005 | DVD

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    Spiritual Awareness Psychotherapy

    By Miller, Lisa J.

    Using her spiritually informed Rogerian approach, Dr. Miller listens to a client to help discern his or her life journey and growth along an individual spiritual path.

    Copyright: 2005 | DVD or VHS

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    Theistic Integrative Psychology

    By Richards, P. Scott

    Theistic Integrative Psychology shows an approach for incorporating belief in God into therapy.

    Copyright: 2005 | DVD or VHS

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