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    The Therapy Relationship

    By Gelso, Charles J.

    This DVD demonstrates the tripartite model of client–therapist relationship, which consists of the personal relationship between the therapist and the client, the working alliance, and transference/countertransference.

    April 2014 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

    By Joffee Ellis, Debbie

    This DVD demonstrates rational emotive behavior therapy. In this approach, the therapist works to teach clients to identify and challenge their harmful irrational thinking and develop more beneficial and rational habits of thought.

    March 2014 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Case Formulation in Emotion-Focused Therapy: Addressing Unfinished Business

    By Goldman, Rhonda N.

    This DVD demonstrates the use of case formulation in emotion-focused therapy, which is designed to target and change unhealthy emotional processes that underlie the problems people bring to therapy with the goal of co-constructing new, healthier emotional processes.

    December 2013 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    By Chapman, Alexander L.

    This DVD demonstrates dialectical behavioral therapy, an empirically supported, comprehensive treatment that is effective for treating complex mental health problems.

    October 2013 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Dream Work in Practice

    By Hill, Clara E.

    This DVD demonstrates a three-stage model for working with dreams, where the therapist works with the client to explore the dream in detail, find insights by expanding on initial interpretations of the dream, and consolidate those insights and take action to address issues in the client's waking life.

    January 2013 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Integrative Therapy

    This DVD demonstrates an approach to integrative psychotherapy that systematically matches evidence-based treatment methods and healing relationships to the client on the basis of multiple transdiagnostic features, including stage of change, reactance level, culture, and preferences.

    October 2012 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Positive and Transpersonal Approaches to Therapy

    By Walsh, Roger

    This DVD demonstrates therapeutic work with a young woman who is questioning her religious faith and related conventional views of religion and spirituality.

    December 2011 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Using Client Feedback in Therapy

    By Duncan, Barry L.

    This DVD illustrates a client-directed, outcome-informed approach to psychotherapy, which enlists the use of client feedback to ensure a positive treatment outcome.

    November 2011 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Qualities and Actions of Effective Therapists

    By Wampold, Bruce E.

    In this DVD, Bruce Wampold discusses the things therapists do and the ways that they conduct sessions to help improve outcome, including verbal fluency, affect modulation, empathy, and the ability to provide an explanation for the client's distress.

    June 2011 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy Strategies

    By Dobson, Keith S.

    This DVD illustrates multiple aspects of the cognitive–behavioral therapy system of psychotherapy, including the setting conditions, parameters around the techniques, and the techniques themselves.

    May 2011 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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