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  • 1.Research roundup: Self-injurious behavior, part 1
    Better understanding of factors related to the occurrence of self-injurious behavior may facilitate more efficient and appropriate assessment and treatment.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (October 2011)
  • 2.APA Council of Representatives Meeting Summary, February 2011
    Updated information about adopting guidelines in the area of parenting coordination, credentials for the APA member directory and the 2010 Task Force on Caregiving
    Newsletter Article - InSight (April 2011)
  • 3.February 2011 APA Council of Representatives Meeting Summary
    Council discussed reducing member dues; adopted guidelines on parenting coordination and evaluation in child protection; and approved task force reports on caregiving and advancing practice.
    Newsletter Article - The School Psychologist (April 2011)
  • 4.Dementia Guidelines are now online
    The recently updated APA Guidelines for the Evaluation of Dementia and Age-Related Cognitive Change reflect the dramatic evolution over the past decade of psychological science and practice in the area of dementia and age-related cognitive change.
    Newsletter Article - In the Public Interest (July 2011)
  • 5.Research roundup: Post-traumatic stress disorder
    This month's roundup presents recent research related to PTSD, including relation to childhood abuse, combat veterans and dementia.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (September 2010)
  • 6.In the news
    Current APA aging issues news items include: the need for APA to join the evidence-based guidelines movement; expert insight on Alzheimer's causes, diagnosis, and treatment; meditation and yoga in dementia treatment; memory loss; integrated care and quality sleep.
    Newsletter Article - Office on Aging Newsletter (July 2012)
  • 7.More frequently asked questions about PQRS
    APA Practice Organization staff addresses issues related to participating in Medicare’s quality reporting program, including G codes, neuropsychological testing and the dementia measures group.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (March 2013)
  • 8.Council approves Good Governance Project motions
    The APA Council of Representatives approved a series of Good Governance Project motions at its APA convention meeting and moves toward implementation.
    Newsletter Article - Division Dialogue (September 2013)
  • 9.APA's 2014 Council of Representatives Meeting
    At its February 2014 meeting, APA’s Council of Representatives took action on gun violence research and prevention, care of older adults, and the Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls.
    Newsletter Article - In the Public Interest (April 2014)
  • 10.The National Plan to address Alzheimer's disease
    The first National Plan will develop a repository of dementia-specific guidelines, curricula, and available resources for accessing long-term services and support related to Alzheimer’s disease.
    Newsletter Article - APA Aging Issues (December 2012)
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Results 110 of 1770 for "Newsletter Article"X related to "February Council actions on Public..."