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  • 1.Living Beyond Loss: An Intervention for Coping with HIV and HIV-Related Loss
    A project for people living with HIV and HIV-related loss that evaluates the effectiveness of a group psychotherapy intervention for secondary prevention of psychological distress among people with HIV infection who are coping with AIDS-related bereavement, written by Kathleen J. Sikkema, PhD.
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  • 2.Additional HIV/AIDS Information
    AIDS-related websites for multidisciplinary education and training programs, policy and legislative advocacy resources and fundraising. Resources for HIV screening, coping with HIV-related loss, cognitive behavioral stress management and fact sheets about HIV/AIDS and socioeconomic status and sexually-transmitted infections.
  • 3.Teaching Tip Sheet: Attitudes and Behavior Change
    There are several teaching strategies that psychologists who teach the study of attitudes can use to update and enhance their courses to reflect what social scientists have learned from HIV/AIDS-related research.
  • 4.About the Office on AIDS
    Information, training and technical assistance on a wide range of HIV/AIDS-related topics associated with coping, mental health services, prevention, technology transfer, community collaboration, public policy and ethics.
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  • 5.Strategies for Including HIV/AIDS in Graduate Coursework
    This guide identifies strategies for adding HIV/AIDS materials to psychology graduate courses, seminars, or training experiences. It also includes a section on experiential and didactic methods for classroom use with students.
    Web Page (July 2011)
  • 6.Committee on Psychology and AIDS Psychology and AIDS Leadership Award
    Demonstrate COPA's commitment to ensure issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS are kept at the forefront of psychological research, education, training and practice.
  • 7.Teaching Tip Sheet: Multiple Loss and Aids-Related Bereavement
    People who grieve the death of someone from HIV-related complications often also face a unique set of issues that challenges historical models of bereavement (Kain, 1997).
  • 8.Call for Nominations: Ad Hoc Committee on Psychology and AIDS Psychology and AIDS Leadership Awards
    The American Psychological Association Ad Hoc Committee on Psychology and AIDS invites nominations for its Psychology and AIDS Leadership Award.
  • 9.Working with HIV: Issues for People with HIV/AIDS Contemplating Workforce (re)Entry
    Obstacles to workforce (re)entry exist for many HIV/AIDS infected individuals, including concerns over uncertain future health, possible loss of benefits, outdated job skills, discrimination, disclosure and accommodation for HIV/AIDS-related disabilities.
    Web Article (July 2011)
  • 10.Office on AIDS
    Information on HIV and AIDS-related training and volunteer opportunities, policy and advocacy, research, HIV integrated care, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and other resources related to APA's Office on AIDS.
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Results 110 of 2966 related to "AIDS programs at APA"