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  • 1.Division Benefits to Graduate Students
    Some divisions offer graduate students ways of linking colleagues with similar interests and advancing their professional development.
    Survey/Survey Results
  • 2.Report of the 2009 APA Salary Survey
    The 2009 APA Salary Survey by Center for Workforce Studies includes survey data on faculty, educational administration, research, practitioner, and other positions.
    Survey/Survey Results (May 2010)
  • 3.2013 APA Member Profiles
    Tables profiling the demographic, educational and employment characteristics of APA members by member status for 2013.
    Survey/Survey Results (January 2014)
  • 4.Faculty in U.S. and Canadian Graduate Departments of Psychology: 2009-2010
    This section of the Workforce report is for faculty in U.S. and Canadian graduate departments of psychology: 2009-2010
    Survey/Survey Results (June 2010)
  • 5.Profiles of Undergraduate Programs in Psychology
    The survey asked about course offerings, research opportunities, size of department, and faculty education, among other things.
    Survey/Survey Results
  • 6.Computerized Assessment of Clinical Practice: Substance Use Survey
    Results of a survey about clinical practice and substance use, including client demographics and diagnoses, private practice settings and reasons for client seeking treatment.
    Survey/Survey Results
  • 7.Clinical Practice Patterns
    Results of a survey of clinical practice, including clinical encounter settings, primary source of payment and referral sources.
    Survey/Survey Results
  • 8.War and Terrorism Survey
    Results of a survey of practicing psychologists on the impact of the war with Iraq and the threat of terrorism on clinical practice, including fears expressed, clinical interventions and impact on psychologists.
    Survey/Survey Results
  • 9.PracticeNet Survey Results
    Results of PracticeNet surveys, including after 9/11, after the start of the Iraq war and one on psychological treatment of substance abuse.
    Survey/Survey Results
  • 10.2010-2011 Faculty Salaries in Graduate Departments of Psychology
    Results of the October 2010 survey of demographics, employment status, rank, years in rank, highest degree and year awarded and salary for faculty members.
    Survey/Survey Results (March 2011)
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Results 110 of 13 for "Survey/Survey Results"X related to "Odd jobs: Meet a circus psychologist"