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  • 1.Psychotherapy works
    A collection of articles, tips sheets and links to better understand psychotherapy and how it works.
    Video (August 2012)
  • 2.Therapy
    Therapy is a treatment for psychological problems in which therapists and clients work together to understand problems and come up with plans for fixing them, generally by changing ineffective thoughts, emotions or behaviors.
    Psychology Topic
  • 3.Guidelines for Assessment of and Intervention with Persons with Disabilities
    Guidelines to help psychologists conceptualize and implement more effective, fair and ethical psychological assessments and interventions with persons with disabilities by making their practices more accessible and disability-sensitive, enhancing their working relationships with clients with disabilities, and more. Adopted by APA Council of Representatives on February 18, 2011.
    Guidelines (January 2011)
  • 4.Popular Books on Psychology
    Listing of popular books on psychology, covering methods, biopsychological, developmental, cognitive, and individual and group psychology.
    Web Page
  • 5.Understanding Licensing Board Disciplinary Procedures
    This document is designed to demystify the disciplinary process by describing the steps of the process, to help psychologists understand their legal rights, and to identify the points at which psychologists may have options.
  • 6.Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century
    This report describes the diverse population of immigrants and addresses the psychological experience of immigration, focusing on factors that impede and facilitate adjustment.
  • 7.Managed Care & Health Insurance
    When seeking help through psychotherapy and selecting a psychologist, it’s important to understand your own health care coverage, or what programs may be available to you if you are uninsured.
    Web Page
  • 8.Memoranda of Understanding Between the Colombian Association of Psychologists and APA
    Information-sharing agreement between the principal psychological associations of the United States and Colombia.
    Web Page (June 2011)
  • 9.APA and Chinese Psychological Society: Furthering interaction and exchange
    Representatives from the Chinese Psychological Society and APA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitatefuture exchange and interaction.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (January 2012)
  • 10.Health Psychologists Study the Intersection of Health and Behavior
    Health psychologists use psychological science to promote health, prevent illness and improve health care systems. They focus on how biological, social and psychological factors influence our choices about health.
    Psychology Subfield
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Results 110 of 11603 related to "Understanding psychotherapy and how it..."