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  • 21.Grants and opportunities: November 2013
    APF funds research on sleep and bipolar disorder and gifted students' potential.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (November 2013)
  • 22.Activity 2.2: Sleep Disorders
    Students actively identify the symptoms, treatment or prevention of insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, SIDS, nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, REM behavior disorder and jet lag.
  • 23.Stress Won’t Go Away? Maybe You Are Suffering from Chronic Stress
    Chronic stress, which is constant and persists over an extended period of time, can be debilitating and overwhelming. Chronic stress can affect both our physical and psychological well-being by causing a variety of problems including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system.
    Web Article (November 2010)
  • 24.Glossary of Psychological Terms
    A glossary giving definitions of common psychological terminology.
    Web Page
  • 25.Talking to Teens about Stress
    School is the top source of stress for teens, followed by the pressure of getting into a good college or deciding what to do after high school.
    Web Article (February 2014)
  • 26.Procedural Timeline
    A timeline for a lesson plan covering hypnosis, sleep, drugs, meditation and sleep disorders.
  • 27.Improving Human Performance
    Resources on human performance, including biofeedback, multitasking, and occupational stress.
    Web Page
  • 28.Mentoring and Self-Care
    Balancing the demands of work and life make you healthier, happier and a better student or psychologist. Getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right and taking breaks can make your work and school time more productive.
    Web Page
  • 29.When the conflict comes home
    Military and veteran couples with PTSD and high maritalconflict may be at greater risk for heart disease and sleepproblems than their peers without these issues.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (December 2013)
  • 30.Teen stress rivals that of adults
    APA’s Stress in America™ survey finds unhealthy behavior in teens, especially during the school year.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (April 2014)
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Results 2130 of 13016 related to "Awakening to sleep"