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  • 1.Gun Violence: Prediction, Prevention, and Policy
    This report reviews research-based evidence on causes of gun violence, whether it is homicide, suicide or a school shooting. How do mental health and mental illness affect prediction of gun violence? What can be done at the individual and community level to prevent gun violence?
    Report (December 2013)
  • 2.APA chief is elected to IOM
    Norman B. Anderson, PhD, APA’s chief executive officer, has been elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (December 2012)
  • 3.End of Life Issues and Care
    A report describing quality of care and psychological involvement in decisions about caregivers, family involvement, wills, power of attorney and religious rituals.
  • 4.American Psychological Association's Norman Anderson, PhD, Elected to Institute of Medicine
    Norman B. Anderson, PhD, chief executive officer of the American Psychological Association, has been elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM).
    Press Release (October 2012)
  • 5.Self-Efficacy Teaching Tip Sheet
    An individual's belief in his or her capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments, self-efficacy reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one's own motivation, behavior, and social environment. HIV/AIDS Self-Efficacy Theory (SET) is assessed frequently in HIV prevention research.
  • 6.APA Urges IOM Committee to Strengthen Depression and Violence Screening Recommendations
    Gwendolyn P. Keita, PhD, Executive Director of the Public Interest Directorate, met with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee on Preventive Services for Women to urge revisions to the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations.
    Web Article (January 2011)
  • 7.Improving care for older adults
    APA co-hosts a briefing to draw attention to the pressing need to strengthen the mental health workforce to care for the nation’s older adults.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (December 2012)
  • 8.APA Works to Build the Mental Health Workforce for an Aging America
    An APA congressional briefing presented key findings from the IOM report related to the mental health and substance use workforce for older adults.
    Web Page (September 2012)
  • 9.Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century
    This report describes the diverse population of immigrants and addresses the psychological experience of immigration, focusing on factors that impede and facilitate adjustment.
  • 10.Mental and Behavioral Health and Older Americans
    As America’s population ages, the need for mental and behavioral health services continues to increase. Psychologists play a critical role in addressing these needs. Psychologists conduct research on and treat the mental and behavioral health problems that often accompany aging.
    Web Page
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Results 110 of 8262 related to "IOM calls for more complementary and..."