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  • 1.What does APAGS do for undergrads?
    APAGS provides undergraduate students with professional development, insights into grad schools, discounts, funding opportunities and social media.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (November 2013)
  • 2.Fear not
    Worried about landing a job? Fretting about debt? Here are six common grad student fears and the facts, figures and strategies to help you manage them.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2010)
  • 3.A newsletter for psychology undergrads
    Psychology Student Network features articles and announcements about careers and interesting topics in psychology, with a focus on opportunities for students.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (April 2014)
  • 4.Get an international perspective
    To gain international experience you should take relevant training, look for unique training, attend international meetings, apply for grants, join an international division, and explore on your own.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (January 2012)
  • 5.A voice for psychology students
    Meet the newly elected leaders of APAGS — the world's largest organization for psychology graduate students.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2013)
  • 6.Sell yourself
    Marketing and self-promotion are necessary to launch yourself into success.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (January 2011)
  • 7.Crushed by debt?
    APA and APAGS are working to educate graduate students about expected salaries after graduation, advocating for lower student loan interest rates and offering tips on how students can achieve their goals without going bankrupt.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (November 2013)
  • 8.What I wish I'd known when I finished grad school
    Dr. Nabil Hassan El-Ghoroury shares a few lessons to help sudents once they graduate such as saving important documents and papers, finding established psychology mentors and saving for the future.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2011)
  • 9.Facing up to debt
    Overwhelmed by their student loans and credit card debt, some graduate students choose to ignore their money woes, setting themselves up for more financial turmoil.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (January 2013)
  • 10.Diversity at community colleges
    How psychology professors and schools can help immigrants, single parents, veterans and other nontraditional students.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (September 2012)
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Results 110 of 1241 for "Magazine Article"X related to "Email newsletter tackles matters unique..."