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  • 1.Committee of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS)
    This committee promotes the scientific nature of introductory and advanced high school psychology, meets curricular needs of secondary school teachers and provides opportunities for high school students to be recognized and rewarded for their academic excellence.
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  • 2.Conflicts of Interests and Commitments
    A conflict of interests occurs when a researcher has to contend with two or more competing concerns, such as honestly reporting research results versus making a profit, achieving publication, or retaining outside funding.
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  • 3.PsycCareers LIVE Career Fair and Employer Booths
    APA Annual Convention attendees can find job opportunities and career resources inside the exhibit hall. Exhibit space for employers is located in a special section of the exhibit hall along with PsycCareers LIVE, APA’s on-site career center and virtual job fair.
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  • 4.APA Website Toolbar for Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges
    This toolbar includes links to the most relevant and practical content, tools and feeds from APA web pages regarding psychology teachers at community colleges and can be easily downloaded to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari for Mac web browsers.
    Web Page (January 2011)
  • 5.Center for Psychology in Schools and Education: Mission
    A liaison between APA and with national educational and scientific societies, federal agencies and the general public concerning children and adolescent mental health.
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  • 6.American Psychological Association Media Referral Service
    A computerized database that APA Public Affairs staffers use to direct the nation's news media to psychologists with expertise on a wide variety of timely issues.
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  • 7.Can you help with my research for my psychology paper?
    Provides information about resources, including APA's bibliographic databases, for doing literature searches on psychological topics. APA's bibliographic databases provide summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books, and other scholarly documents in psychology and related disciplines. The bibliographic literature references are accessible via a number of resources, including the PsycINFO® online database.
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  • 8.Disasters & Terrorism
    People who go through or witness violent events such as school shootings, combat, rape, torture, natural disasters or accidents have experienced a traumatic stress. And some are repeatedly exposed to life or death situations in their work, such as EMT and rescue workers, police officers, fire fighters and military personnel. Discover how psychologists can help.
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  • 9.APA continues leadership on advocacy for Minority Fellowship Program
    A meeting took place discussing the Mental Health Workforce Coalition, a group of the interdisciplinary professional organizations funded to administer the Minority Fellowship Program.
    Web Page (December 2011)
  • 10.Task Force on the Interface between Psychology and Global Climate Change
    The task force is responsible for developing a proposed research agenda dealing with how psychological science should address global climate change, which will provide APA with action and policy recommendations in regards to commonalities in psychological science and global climate shifts.
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Results 110 of 3079 for "Web Page"X related to "A look at expert testimony on false..."