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  • 1.What is Resilience?
    Key messages about resilience include resilience as a personal journey, being resilient does not mean a person does not experience difficulty or distress, and resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary.• Resilience is an ongoing process that requires time and effort and engages people in taking a number of steps.
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  • 2.Subscribe to the Psychology and AIDS Exchange Newsletter
    Sign up for this seasonal e-newsletter.
    Web Page - Psychology and AIDS Exchange Newsletter
  • 3.The Role of Service Learning in Preparing Future Faculty: The UGA Model
    he UGA Preparing Future Faculty program focuses on the recruitment and training of doctoral students considering academic careers in higher education and emphasizes issues of diversity and civic engagement.
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  • 4.APPIC Directory On-line, Free Match-News E-mail List Available
    The APPIC Directory of Internships and Postdoctoral Programs in Professional Psychology will be accessible via the Internet, along with a match e-newsletter.
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  • 5.E-card: June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month
    APA is proud to be a leader in advancing a scientific perspective to improve the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, of increasing understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity as aspects of human diversity, and of reducing stigma, prejudice, discrimination and violence toward LGBT people.
    Web Page (June 2012)
  • 6.Reducing Sexual Prejudice: The Role of Coming Out
    Coming out and active sharing by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people about their experiences can reduce others' prejudice against LGBT people, according to psychological research.
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  • 7.APA joins numerous organizations in asking congress to support family caregivers
    APA signed on to a letter urging Congress to support critical aging and caregiving programs in its spending plan for the 2013 federal fiscal year.
    Web Page (January 2012)
  • 8.The Barnes & Noble APA Bookstore
    Barnes & Noble and APA have established an affiliate program to bring special savings on Barnes & Noble products to APA members. Savings include free shipping and up to 90% off select items.
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  • 9.Tips to Help Exhibitors Go Green
    Suggestions for exhibitors to "go green" when exhibiting at APA's 2013 annual convention, including using recycled materials, purchasing supplies with minimal packaging, and using soy ink and recycled paper.
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  • 10.Environmentally Friendly Behaviors
    Psychological science resources on how and why people engage in behaviors to protect the environment, such as recycling or using less water.
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Results 110 of 2915 for "Web Page"X related to "The changing face — and age — of..."