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  • 1.Psychologists on the Hill: Grassroots efforts and new PAC aid legislative advocacy
    The APA Practice Organization’s political action committee gives psychologists the opportunity to build crucial relationships with key members of Congress who will support APAPO’s legislative advocacy agenda.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (April 2013)
  • 2.Research roundup: Self-injurious behavior, part 1
    Better understanding of factors related to the occurrence of self-injurious behavior may facilitate more efficient and appropriate assessment and treatment.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (October 2011)
  • 3.Is introductory psychology asexual?
    The authors argue that the topic of human sexuality should be included in introductory college psychology courses.
    Newsletter Article - The General Psychologist (October 2013)
  • 4.Essential health benefits final rule provisions are favorable for mental health care
    The Affordable Care Act is intended to provide health insurance coverage mainly in the form of expansion of Medicaid and enhanced federal support for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (March 2013)
  • 5.Frequently asked questions about the 2013 psychotherapy codes
    Review this question-and-answer guide to help you prepare for psychotherapy coding in 2013.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (September 2012)
  • 6.Amazon top sellers of interest to practitioners: Focus on anxiety
    Find references and resources on anxiety, panic, mindfulness, shyness, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoarding, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (June 2010)
  • 7.Teaching Tips: William Hoyer's Words of Wisdom
    Insight from William Hoyer, PhD, as he prepares for retirement after over 40 years in the field of adulthood and aging.
    Newsletter Article - Adult Development & Aging News (October 2013)
  • 8.PsycINFO's Growth
    Describes the growth of APA's PsycINFO database from its beginnings in the 1960s to the addition of its 3 millionth record. The article also discusses technological advances and other influences on PsycINFO's growth.
    Newsletter Article - PsycINFO News (December 2010)
  • 9.Health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act
    The Affordable Care Act creates health insurance exchanges and calls for potential expansion of state Medicaid programs to expand access to affordable health care coverage to Americans who currently have no coverage.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (April 2013)
  • 10.Call for more effective prevention of violence
    This position statement developed by the Interdisciplinary Group on Preventing School and Community Violence argues that research supports a thoughtful approach to safer schools, guided by four key elements: balance, communication, connectedness, and support.
    Newsletter Article - The School Psychologist (April 2013)
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Results 110 of 1881 for "Newsletter Article"X related to "How much news coverage is OK for..."