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  • 1.Research roundup: Self-injurious behavior, part 1
    Better understanding of factors related to the occurrence of self-injurious behavior may facilitate more efficient and appropriate assessment and treatment.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (October 2011)
  • 2.APAPO-PAC is crucial for Medicare payment reform
    APAPO-PAC is dedicated to supporting candidates who are friends of psychology in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and to building crucial relationships with key members of Congress who will support the APA Practice Organization’s legislative advocacy agenda.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (September 2013)
  • 3.Practitioner's bookshelf — Forensic psychology, part III
    Volumes in the Practitioner's Bookshelf series cover assessment of competencies, malingering and other special issues in forensic psychology settings.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (April 2012)
  • 4.U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: Violence in school
    The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a briefing titled Federal Enforcement of Civil Rights Laws to Protect Students against Bullying, Violence and Harassment.
    Newsletter Article - In the Public Interest (June 2011)
  • 5.Is introductory psychology asexual?
    The authors argue that the topic of human sexuality should be included in introductory college psychology courses.
    Newsletter Article - The General Psychologist (October 2013)
  • 6.The Richie Incognito case: Workplace bullying or just "locker room" culture?
    The Richie Incognito Case raises troubling and complex questions about workplace bullying, jock culture and American culture overall regarding issues of power disparities, masculinity and race.
    Newsletter Article - In the Public Interest (December 2013)
  • 7.APA’s Board of Educational Affairs awards $10,000 to educational training grant winners
    APA’s Board of Educational Affairs has awarded $10,000 to support multiple educational training programs across the country that lead to improvements in graduate and postgraduate training and education.
    Newsletter Article - APA Access (March 2014)
  • 8.APA Practice working for you
    The Practice Directorate engages in a broad range of activities on behalf of practicing psychologists in diverse settings and consumers of psychological services.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (August 2012)
  • 9.Call for papers: Special issue of Sex Roles: Men in female-dominated occupations
    In this special issue, we seek to explore the experiences of men from all countries who are working — or in training to work — in female-dominated occupations.
    Newsletter Article - Communique (February 2013)
  • 10.Council approves Good Governance Project motions
    The APA Council of Representatives approved a series of Good Governance Project motions at its APA convention meeting and moves toward implementation.
    Newsletter Article - Division Dialogue (September 2013)
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Results 110 of 1148 for "Newsletter Article"X related to "Letters: February 2002"