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  • 1.Searching for answers
    Uneducated Egyptian parents often don't know about the importance of iron for growing brains and how it can produce lifelong problems with cognitive development, as well as lead to problems with motor skills, attention and behavior.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (January 2012)
  • 2.By the numbers
    Facts on the high school AP psychology exam, the increase in the number of emergency room visits by young adults due to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs, and the fraction of Americans with a depression diagnosis who do not meet the DSM criteria for a major depressive episode.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (October 2013)
  • 3.ADHD
    ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, makes it difficult to organized, stay focused, make realistic plans, or think before acting. Treatment options include behavioral therapy, neurofeedback, and psychosocial therapy.
    Psychology Topic
  • 4.APA Participates in White House Meeting to Underscore Need for Research about Children and Mental Disorders
    More research is needed on the long- and short-term effects of medication, psychological interventions, and combination therapy on children, particularly preschoolers.
    Web Page
  • 5.Bringing life into focus
    A generation of adults who came of age too early to be diagnosed with childhood ADHD is finding that later-in-life treatment can bring great rewards.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (March 2012)
  • 6.Male College Students Believe Taking Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Sports is More Unethical than Using Stimulants to Improve Grades, According to New Study
    Many young college men believe it’s more unethical to use steroids to get an edge in sports than it is to use prescription stimulants to enhance one’s grades.
    Press Release (May 2012)
  • 7.Inappropriate prescribing
    Studies show concern about the rise of prescription or psychotropic drugs to treat mental health disorders.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (June 2012)
  • 8.Is it really ADHD?
    The nation’s rates of ADHD diagnoses is skyrocketing, and a global push for performance may be partly to blame.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (April 2014)
  • 9.ADHD among preschoolers
    Identifying and treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in very young children requires a different approach.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (July 2011)
  • 10.What Parents Should Know About Treatment of Behavioral And Emotional Disorders in Preschool Children
    An overview of important factors in diagnosing and treating behavioral and emotional disorders in young children, as well as treatments such as psychotherapy and medication.
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Results 110 of 1031 related to "The Ritalin debate"