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  • 21.Sexual Orientation and Military Service: Publications & Other Resources
    Press releases regarding 'don't ask, don't tell', reports such as the Report of the APA Joint Divisional Task Force on Sexual Orientation & Military Service, resolutions such as the APA Resolution on Sexual Orientation and Military Service, briefing sheets such as the Sexual Orientation and Military Service briefing sheet, amicus briefs such as BenShalom v. Marsh, and more.
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  • 22.APA collaborates with Rep. Buerkle for military and veteran mental health workshop
    A workshop for faith-based providers on the mental health needs of military service members, veterans, and their families was held by the Public Interest Government Relations Office and Ann Marie Buerkle, Chair of the Health Subcommittee of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.
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  • 23.Serving Veterans and Unemployed Persons in Underserved Communities
    This special panel presentation spotlighted the role of the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) program in addressing trauma related to unemployment, as well as post-deployment military personnel living in underserved communities.
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  • 24.Building family resilience
    Psychologists are adapting evidence-based resiliency programs to help military families, couples and children.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (December 2013)
  • 25.APA Style Products Comparison
    Provides information about the differences among the 6th editions of the APA Publication Manual, Concise Rules of APA Style, Mastering APA Style workbooks, online courses, and free tutorials.
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  • 26.Service, in plain clothes
    Most psychologists who work for the military are actually civilians — and job opportunities for them abound.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (January 2011)
  • 27.The Center for Deployment Psychology
    This Department of Defense center trains military and civilian psychologists, psychology interns/residents and other behavioral health professionals to provide high quality deployment-related mental and behavioral health services to military personnel and their families.
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  • 28.Chapter XII: Public Interest (Part 2)
    Current Public Interest policies of the American Psychological Association, on subjects such as disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, antisemitism, obesity and ethnic minorities.
  • 29.Practice Guidelines Regarding Psychologists' Involvement in Pharmacological Issues
    This is a guide for psychologists involved in prescribing psychiatric medications concerning what they must consider including their own competence and attitudes; their patients' age, gender, health and ethnicity; possible side effects; and evaluation and review of proposed and existing practice guidelines.
    Guidelines (December 2011)
  • 30.Step up to help military families
    Volunteer groups and nonprofits give psychologists several ways to donate their services.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (May 2011)
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Results 2130 of 10554 related to "Serving Those Who Serve--Planting..."