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  • 11.Answers to Your Questions about Psychology and Human Rights
    Page describes APA position on torture, human trafficking, human rights violations and rights for the mentally ill.
  • 12.Op-Eds
    Listing of APA opinion-editorials
  • 13.Outreach to Federal Officials
    Letters to President George W. Bush, CIA Director Michael Hayden, and Attorney General Michael Mukasey outlining APA's stance against torture.
    Web Page
  • 14.Law & Psychology
    Resources on law and psychology, including inmate drug abuse, eyewitness testimony, lie detectors, fingerprints, and the Milgram experiment.
    Web Page
  • 15.People v. Thomas
    At issue in the appeal is whether the State of New York should allow expert testimony on the body of research addressing risk factors for false confessions.
    Amicus Brief (November 2013)
  • 16.Floyd v. Cain
    Research and psychological science indicate that not every voluntary confession is true. The brief also addresses why innocent people confess and how voluntary false confessions are difficult for judges, juries and others to discern.
    Amicus Brief (May 2010)
  • 17.Council Of Representatives: February 22–24, 2008
    Minutes for an APA Council meeting.
  • 18.Rivera v. Illinois, 2-09-1060
    APA described research on false confessions and factors that lead to them, such as length of interrogation, mental illness, and low IQ.
    Amicus Brief (July 2010)
  • 19.Letters: June 2010
    Letters concerning men and sex, APA's accreditation standards, amendments to the Ethics Code, internships and teen domestic violence.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (June 2010)
  • 20.The Victims of Immigration Policy: Children of Broken Homes and a Broken System
    Decades of research indicate that separation from parents can affect a child’s psychological development, but the mental and behavioral health impact on the children during these immigration proceedings is seldom considered.
    Opinion/Editorial (February 2011)
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Results 1120 of 7759 related to "American Psychological Association..."