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  • 1.Recent Generations Focus More on Fame, Money Than Giving Back
    Since the baby boomer generation, there has been a significant decline among young Americans in political participation, concern for others and interest in saving the environment.
    Press Release (March 2012)
  • 2.Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century
    This report describes the diverse population of immigrants and addresses the psychological experience of immigration, focusing on factors that impede and facilitate adjustment.
  • 3.Activity 3.1: Gender Role Stereotypes in Everyday Life
    This activity presents a broad array of questions about gender stereotypes, which can be discussed in the context of either personal experience or the mass media treatment of women and men
  • 4.'Our health at risk'
    APA’s latest survey finds that many Americans don’t understand how stress can undermine their health.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (March 2012)
  • 5.Day 4: Ethnocentrism
    Ethnocentrism is the tendency to view the world through your own cultural filters.
  • 6.Dual Pathways to a Better America: Preventing Discrimination and Promoting Diversity
    The APA Presidential Task Force on Reducing and Preventing Discrimination Against and Enhancing Benefits of Inclusion of People Whose Social Identities are Marginalized in U.S. society, focuses on dual strategies: to prevent discrimination and to nurture and maximize the benefits of diversity.
  • 7.Activity 2.1: Stereotyping
    An activity testing new stereotypes of racial and ethnic groups versus older ideas of those groups.
  • 8.Activity 4.1: Stereotypes
    This activity illustrates the preconceived attitudes and beliefs held about different groups of people and the relative consistency of those beliefs.
  • 9.Grantee spotlight: Eric Dubow, PhD
    APF granted Eric Dubow, PhD, and his team money to collect data on children in the Middle East to examine the effects of their exposure to ethnic-political violence on subsequent mental health.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (March 2013)
  • 10.Activity 1.2: Sex Role Stereotypes and Mental Health
    Characteristics judged healthy for an adult person (presumed to show the "ideal standard of health") resembled those behaviors judged normal and healthy for men but not for women.
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Results 110 of 7579 related to "Generation stereotypes"