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  • 1.Stress Tip Sheet
    APA offers several tips on how to manage your stress.
    Web Page
  • 2.Fact Sheet: Health Disparities and Stress
    Types of stress and how chronic stressors affect health disparities among racial/ethnic groups.
    Fact Sheet
  • 3.Stress
    Stress can interfere with normal living, damage your physical health or cause difficulties with concentration or mood.
    Psychology Topic
  • 4.Teaching Tip Sheets
    Teaching tip sheets by Ann O'Leary, Craig Kain, David Whitcomb, Lisa Bowleg, Paula Britton, Seth Kalichman, Michael P. Carey and Andrew D. Forsyth on cognitive dissonance, motivated reasoning, loss and AIDS-related bereavement, flexible therapeutic frames, social support networks, attitudes and behavior change, self – efficacy, counselor attitude bias, and stigma and prejudice.
  • 5.Stress in America Press Room
    Press releases and survey information on the Stress in America report. The Stress in America survey measures attitudes and perceptions of stress among the general public, identifies leading sources of stress, and common behaviors used to manage stress and the impact of stress on our lives.
    Web Page
  • 6.Work, Stress and Health & Socioeconomic Status
    Stress can affect psychological well-being. Work stress research has examined the psychological demands of a work load, workers’ perceived sense of control over their performance, safety stressors, work organization, and work atmosphere.
    Fact Sheet
  • 7.Annual Report Online
    APA-accredited doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs submit a yearly report describing changes and improvements, instructions for entering data, data entry preparation sheets, login information, frequently asked questions, statistics and more.
    Web Page
  • 8.Motivated Reasoning Teaching Tip Sheet
    Tips for teaching the role of motivation in cognitive processes such as decision-making and attitude change as emphasized by Ziva Kunda (1990) and Hart and Gerrard (1997). These studies cast doubt on the utilitarian, "rational" models of behavioral decision making upon which research regarding Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and other health promotion/disease prevention currently rests.
  • 9.Disaster Response Network Fact Sheet
    APA’s Disaster Response Network is a network of psychologists with training in disaster response who offer volunteer assistance to relief workers, victims, and victim’s families after manmade or natural disasters.
    Fact Sheet
  • 10.Best Intervention Competition | Work, Stress and Health Conference
    The purpose of the Best Intervention Competition is to recognize outstanding evaluations of interventions in which researchers partner with industry and labor to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses and promote workplace safety and health.
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Results 110 of 14534 related to "Stress Tip Sheet"