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  • 1.Teaching Tip Sheet: Multiple Loss and Aids-Related Bereavement
    People who grieve the death of someone from HIV-related complications often also face a unique set of issues that challenges historical models of bereavement (Kain, 1997).
  • 2.End of Life Issues and Care
    A report describing quality of care and psychological involvement in decisions about caregivers, family involvement, wills, power of attorney and religious rituals.
  • 3.What Do Family Caregivers Do?
    Family caregivers operate as extensions of health care systems performing complex medical and therapeutic tasks and ensuring care recipient adherence to therapeutic regimens.
    Web Article (January 2011)
  • 4.Course Adoption Books on Aging
    Provides a list of APA books in the aging subject area available for course adoption.
    Web Page
  • 5.Living Beyond Loss: An Intervention for Coping with HIV and HIV-Related Loss
    A project for people living with HIV and HIV-related loss that evaluates the effectiveness of a group psychotherapy intervention for secondary prevention of psychological distress among people with HIV infection who are coping with AIDS-related bereavement, written by Kathleen J. Sikkema, PhD.
    Web Page
  • 6.Books to help children cope
    Children's books help youngsters cope and learn resilience in the face of traumas, disasters and loss and are available from Magination Press.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (September 2011)
  • 7.Death and Dying
    Psychologists can assess mood, mental functioning and pain at the end of life; treat depression, anxiety and other mental health problems; provide end-of-life counseling to the dying and their families; and advocate for good medical care.
    Psychology Topic
  • 8.Media Advisory: Experts Available to Talk About Psychology Related to School Shootings
    Psychologists can discuss what motivates mass shooters and how children and parents can deal with trauma and grief in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting.
    Press Release (December 2012)
  • 9.Teaching Tip Sheets
    Teaching tip sheets by Ann O'Leary, Craig Kain, David Whitcomb, Lisa Bowleg, Paula Britton, Seth Kalichman, Michael P. Carey and Andrew D. Forsyth on cognitive dissonance, motivated reasoning, loss and AIDS-related bereavement, flexible therapeutic frames, social support networks, attitudes and behavior change, self – efficacy, counselor attitude bias, and stigma and prejudice.
  • 10.In Brief: July/August 2010
    Peer-reviewed research on chimpanzees, traumatic brain injury, postpartum sadness, gambling, verbal contact with a loved one and stress, and caffeine.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (July 2010)
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Results 110 of 1597 related to "Bereavement in Late Life: Coping,..."