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  • 21.Health Care Reform
    A top legislative priority for the American Psychological Association (APA) Practice Association involves working with policymakers to enact and implement health care reform that fully integrates psychological services into primary care, prevention and benefits packages.
    Web Page
  • 22.Health Care Reform
    Advocacy efforts address reducing health disparities across all populations, health care reform policy, increasing access to mental and behavioral health services, and addressing the social determinants of health.
    Web Page
  • 23.Guidelines for Psychological Evaluations in Child Protection Matters
    Guidelines on how to evaluate children and adolescents in a child protection or child abuse case including information on bias, legal consequences, professional competence and records.
    Guidelines (January 2013)
  • 24.Goodbye Clearinghouse, hello Phase-II Match
    Starting this year there will be a new process for applicants who don't match.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (March 2011)
  • 25.PI-GRO Resources for National Health Care Reform
    Letters to Congress concerning health care reform.
    Web Page
  • 26.Statistics Without Fear
    A five-day unit plan for Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPPS) including a procedural timeline, descriptive statistics, measures of variability, correlations, inferential statistics, measurement scales, graphs and more.
    Web Page
  • 27.APA Creates New Center for Psychology and Health
    The center will focus on expanding the use of psychological knowledge within evolving health care settings, and on preparing psychologists to use their expertise in such settings.
    Press Release (January 2013)
  • 28.Your diagnostic codes are changing
    As of October 2014, psychologists will need to use the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (January 2014)
  • 29.ED GRO Initiatives for Community Health Centers in Health Care Reform
    Psychologists in Community Health Centers & National Health Service Corps should increase due to passage of health care reform legislation.
    Web Page
  • 30.Activity 2.1: Personality and Personality Assessment
    This activity provides a vehicle for the discussion of numerous issues, including test construction, gender differences, operational definition, reliability, validity and methodology.
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Results 2130 of 7987 related to "Constructive Divorce: Procedural..."