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  • 1.Research roundup: Self-injurious behavior, part 1
    Better understanding of factors related to the occurrence of self-injurious behavior may facilitate more efficient and appropriate assessment and treatment.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (October 2011)
  • 2.Psychologists on the Hill: Grassroots efforts and new PAC aid legislative advocacy
    The APA Practice Organization’s political action committee gives psychologists the opportunity to build crucial relationships with key members of Congress who will support APAPO’s legislative advocacy agenda.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (April 2013)
  • 3.Safer travels
    A team of human factors students provide recommendations for driving in bad weather such as keeping your speed down and discuss new technology used by auto manufacturers like temperature and optical sensors.
    Newsletter Article - gradPSYCH (September 2011)
  • 4.Spotlight on research and development (R&D)
    Research on stress caused by administrative hassles, physical challenges, and the emotional trauma of war, aims to lessen its negative effects and improve the psychological health of flight crews.
    Newsletter Article - The Military Psychologist (April 2013)
  • 5.Assessing symptom validity of PTSD in veterans
    Treating veterans depends on determining the significance of certain symptoms in making a diagnosis.
    Newsletter Article - AP-LS News (July 2013)
  • 6.A testament to resiliency and rainbows
    A committee of volunteers from Divisions 35, 45 and 17 host an educational enrichment event celebrating the Hawaiian culture at APA convention in Honolulu.
    Newsletter Article - Communique (September 2013)
  • 7.Humanitas #8: Search for the new land
    Ed Mendelowitz surveys the domain of current existential-humanistic psychology, critiquing what he perceives as our ethical and imaginative lapses and eloquently pointing the way toward a vision of what is possible.
    Newsletter Article - Society for Humanistic Psychology Newsletter (April 2012)
  • 8.The End of an Era: Linda Beebe is Retiring
    We bid a grateful farewell to Linda Beebe and provide a brief review of what she's accomplished during her 12 years as PsycINFO's Senior Director.
    Newsletter Article - PsycINFO News (October 2012)
  • 9.Racial and ethnic socialization within interracial Asian and White families: A summary
    Findings from a study of 12 Asian and White families demonstrate how family members communicate with each other about race and ethnicity, with particular focus on parent/child communication.
    Newsletter Article - CYF News (August 2013)
  • 10.APA announces 2011 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award winners
    While an APA survey finds an unhappy American workforce, eight innovative companies are recognized for implementing comprehensive programs and policies that lead to positive outcomes for both employee and employer.
    Newsletter Article - Practice Update (March 2011)
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Results 110 of 1541 for "Newsletter Article"X related to "From the CEO: Weathering the economic..."