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  • 1.Drug Use, Abuse, and HIV/AIDS: Module 8 HOPE Resource Package
    Module 8 includes information regarding drug use, abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Methamphetamine and its association with HIV is addressed at length, and additional drugs are introduced.
    Web Page
  • 2.University of Missouri-Columbia Chancellor's Gus T. Ridgel Fellowship
    This program is intended to increase the number of underrepresented minority Americans (African Americans, Hispanic Americans and American Indians/Alaskan Native Americans) enrolled in and successfully completing graduate programs.
  • 3.Ethnicity and Health in America Series: Substance Abuse and Addiction in the African-American Community
    African-Americans appear to experience more negative social consequences from drinking despite a later initiation than their European American counterparts.
    Web Page
  • 4.Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use in the Workforce and Workplace
    This authoritative book examines what we know and don't know about workforce and workplace substance involvement, including popular myths about the prevalence, causes, and productivity outcomes of employee substance use.
    Book/Monograph (November 2012)
  • 5.Teen marijuana use on the rise
    According to an annual study of substance use among a nationally representative sample of 42,000 students sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana use is up from 2009.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (February 2011)
  • 6.Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations
    These associations support ethnic minority psychologists and advocate for the unique needs of Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latinas and Latinos. This page highlights the mission statement, membership roster, as well as information about National Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations and their associated newsletters.
    Web Page
  • 7.By the numbers
    Facts on suicide, intimate partner violence, use of steriods by gay and bisexual adolescent males, and how many North and Latin Americans die from drinking alcohol.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (April 2014)
  • 8.Multicultural Caregiving
    List of multicultural caregiving web resources for women, Asian Americans, African Americans, Latinos and American Indians.
    Web Page
  • 9.Fear of Being Too Skinny May Put Teen Boys at Risk for Depression, Steroid Use
    Teenage boys who think they’re too skinny when they are actually a healthy weight are at greater risk of being depressed as teens and as adults when compared to other boys, even those who think they are too heavy.
    Press Release (January 2014)
  • 10.‘Spice’ and ‘K2’: New drugs of abuse now on the market
    Synthetic cannabinoids are widely available at gas stations and convenience stores in many states, yet addictions researchers know almost nothing about the long-term consequences of using these drugs.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (October 2011)
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Results 110 of 3431 related to "Illicit drug-use trends"