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  • 1.Help! My dissertation has taken over my life.
    Six experts offer advice on how to approach your dissertation without giving up your friends, family or sanity.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (November 2013)
  • 2.Just do it
    There are significant benefits to finishing your dissertation before starting your internship including better finances, more research opportunities, better focus and being near your support system.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (March 2011)
  • 3.Literature reviews made easy
    Turn that jumble of notes and ideas into a well-organized draft by getting organized, staying focused, setting a schedule, seeking feedback, and finding your voice.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (March 2012)
  • 4.Grad school traps
    Graduate students, early career psychologists and other experts share their biggest mistakes on the journey toward their doctorate.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (November 2011)
  • 5.To postdoc or not to postdoc?
    How to weigh whether postdoctoral training will boost your career prospects.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (April 2014)
  • 6.Nurturing your offshoots
    Small research projects can bear unexpected fruit.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (July 2011)
  • 7.Fear not
    Worried about landing a job? Fretting about debt? Here are six common grad student fears and the facts, figures and strategies to help you manage them.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2010)
  • 8.Dissertation doppelgangers
    Psychology is a broad field with an array of research topics, so studies often overlap.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2013)
  • 9.The back page: September 2012
    Readers can vote on the best caption and sound off on the worst thing to say at your dissertation defense.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2012)
  • 10.Dissertation procrastination
    Tips for graduate students to avoid the stress of procrastinating.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2013)
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Results 110 of 940 for "Magazine Article"X related to "From the Science Student Council:..."