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  • 11.Law & Psychology
    Resources on law and psychology, including inmate drug abuse, eyewitness testimony, lie detectors, fingerprints, and the Milgram experiment.
    Web Page
  • 12.Psychologists add caveat to ‘blind conformity’ research
    Research shows people who tend to follow authority aren’t sheep or robots, but rather people who enthusiastically identify with a group’s or leader’s agenda.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (February 2013)
  • 13.1999 CNSF Exhibit Photo Gallery
    A Capitol Hill exhibit on virtual reality, the military utility of cognitive psychology, and research and development at the Department of Defense.
  • 14.Philip G. Zimbardo: 2002 APA President
    Philip G. Zimbardo was APA president in 2002 and is best known for his 1971 Stanford prison experiment.
  • 15.Featured Psychologist: Teresa LaFromboise, PhD
    Teresa LaFramboise, PhD, is a professor of development and psychological science in the graduate school of education at Stanford University.
    Web Page
  • 16.Directory of Annual Meetings of the American Psychological Association 1892-Present
    This directory provides information on the annual meetings/conventions of the American Psychological Association. he location, dates, APA president are listed for each annual meeting. For any published programs or proceedings from the meeting, a brief description of the contents is given.
  • 17.Violence & Violence Prevention
    Resources on violence and violence prevention, including bullying and teaching problem-solving.
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  • 18.Office on Socioeconomic Status Resources & Publications
    Publications, The SES Indicator, APA Policy Statements on Socioeconomic Status and SES Network and Listserv.
    Web Page
  • 19.Accredited Internship Programs in Professional Psychology
    A list of internship programs in professional psychology accredited by APA's Commission on Accreditation, which includes information on an institution's location, accreditation status, how long they have been accredited for and when the next site visit is scheduled, as well as general information about the accreditation process.
    Web Page
  • 20.Outsmarting con artists
    Stanford University psychologist Laura Carstensen has co-founded a research center aimed at preventing catastrophic incidents of financial fraud.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (February 2013)
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Results 1120 of 3608 related to "Testing virtual reality in the classroom"