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  • 11.Natural Disasters
    Even when you’re not hurt physically, disasters can take a serious emotional toll. Normal reactions include intense feelings; flashbacks; trouble concentrating; disrupted eating and sleeping; strained personal relationships; and headaches, nausea or chest pain.
    Psychology Topic
  • 12.In Brief: March 2011
    Peer-reviewed research the effect of high-fat diets, vaccine for cocaine addiction, smokers, social circles, puberty, fear and post-traumatic stress in children.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (March 2011)
  • 13.2008 News for Practitioners
    News on topics like hospital privileges, mental health parity, parenting coordination, records retention and the Stress in America survey.
    Web Article
  • 14.Going International: A Practical Guide for Psychologists
    An introductory guide for U.S. academics going outside the country for research and scholarship.
  • 15.Preparing for avian flu
    If you're troubled about the threat of a bird flu pandemic, you're not alone. Nationwide surveys reveal growing concern that the highly publicized disease could reach the U.S., perhaps as soon as the next flu season.
    Web Article (July 2012)
  • 16.Cómo manejar el estrés traumático: consejos para manejar la inquietud relacionada con la época de huracanes
    Es muy común que las personas experimenten reacciones emocionales muy intensas con la llegada de un huracán, y por los daños que el mismo causa en hogares e infraestructuras comunitarias.
    Web Article
  • 17.What are the benefits of mindfulness?
    This CE article offers an overview of the research on mindfulness and discusses its implications for practice, research and training.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (July 2012)
  • 18.Manejando el estrés traumático: Después del huracán
    Los efectos del huracán permanecerán por mucho tiempo y los resultados de este trauma se pueden reflejar aún en aquellos que no fueron directamente afectados por el desastre.
    Web Article
  • 19.Manejando el estrés traumático: Lidiando con un huracán desde lejos
    Aún si usted no ha sido directamente afectado por un huracán, puede que experimente una sensación de vulnerabilidad al ser testigo de los resultados del desastre.
    Web Article
  • 20.Timely Issues in Professional Practice
    How can psychologists maintain professional resilience and high standards of care in the face of ongoing and/or severe situations that impact everyone?
    Web Article
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Results 1120 of 5576 related to "Tips to strengthen your emotional..."