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  • 1.The past, present and future of multiple intelligences
    Howard Gardner, PhD, will deliver a plenary talk at the APA 2012 Convention in Orlando on the theory of multiple intelligences.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (May 2012)
  • 2.Intelligence
    Intelligence refers to intellectual functioning. IQ tests compare your performance with other people your age taking the same test, but they don't measure other kinds of intelligence, such as social intelligence, which is the expertise people bring to their interactions with others.
    Psychology Topic
  • 3.Dr. Richard Nisbett, Social Psychologist
    Nisbett uses psychological science to examine society’s perceptions about intelligence. His research shows that intelligence derives from a mix of factors, including genetics, socioeconomic status and education.
  • 4.Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program
    Ensures that the intelligence community's research agenda addresses issues critical to effective intelligence capabilities.
  • 5.What predicts grad school success?
    Intelligence, emotional intelligence, curiosity and conscientiousness may be keys to getting your degree.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (September 2012)
  • 6.APA Convention International Poster Session
    APA divisions were invited to a poster session to spotlight the international members, activities and projects of APA’s divisions.
    Web Article (January 2011)
  • 7.Testing Issues
    Information about psychological testing issues, including the development, creation, administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests of abilities such as intelligence or aptitudes; personality (e.g., traits, attitudes); and mental health, including neurological disorders.
    Psychology Topic
  • 8.Ethical Practice in Operational Psychology: Military and National Intelligence Applications
    This book offers guidance for psychologists who provide support to operational commanders in the military, national intelligence, and public safety communities.
    Continuing Education Program (November 2011)
  • 9.David Wechsler Early Career Grant for Innovative Work in Cognition
    Up to $25,000 to support early career psychologists pursuing innovative work in neuropsychology, intelligence and/or the assessment aspects of cognition.
  • 10.APA Psychological Test Collection
    Included are personality, intelligence, vocation and business tests, plus tests of aphasia, motor skills, and various other psychological or behavioral abilities.
    Web Page
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Results 110 of 743 related to "International Book Review: Exporting..."