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  • 1.Hot careers: Sport psychology
    Leaders in the sport psychology field say opportunities for their expertise are growing in university athletic departments, high schools and club sports.
    Magazine Article - gradPSYCH (November 2012)
  • 2.Gold-medal psychology
    Sport psychologists are helping elite athletes preparefor the 2012 London Olympic games.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (July 2012)
  • 3.Sport and Performance Psychology Delivers Peak Performance
    Sport and performance psychologists study human behavior in sport, exercise and performance. They focus on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitate peak physical action, enhance physical ability and achieve optimal human performance.
    Psychology Subfield
  • 4.Dr. Charlie Brown, Sport Psychologist
    Dr. Brown uses psychological science to help athletes at all levels achieve optimal performance. From helping them visualize success to managing team dynamics, he ensures the mental preparation of his clients matches their physical preparation.
  • 5.Sport and Exercise
    Regular physical activity and participation in sports are good for your body, reducing the risk that you’ll develop high blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes. Sport psychologists can help you overcome problems, enhance your performance and achieve your goals.
    Psychology Topic
  • 6.Becoming a Sport and Performance Psychologist
    Sport and performance psychology focuses on helping athletes, performers and others reach goals and cope with the anxiety that can impede performance in many venues, from athletics to the boardroom.
    Web Page
  • 7.Exploring Sport and Exercise Psychology, Third Edition
    This book provides a comprehensive overview of sport and exercise psychology, including interventions for performance enhancement and health and well-being, and also addresses education, certification, ethics, and special populations.
    Book/Monograph (September 2013)
  • 8.Dr. Jack Stark, Performance Psychologist
    Dr. Stark uses psychological science to help NASCAR drivers achieve optimal performance and keep their team in the winners circle.
  • 9.Sport Psychology Proficiency Description
    Sport psychology is a multidisciplinary field spanning psychology, sport science and medicine. The APA proficiency recognizes sport psychology as a postgraduate focus after a doctoral degree in one of the primary areas of psychology and licensure as a psychologist.
    Psychology Subfield
  • 10.Sports & Exercise
    Resources on sports and exercise topics like coaching and young athletes.
    Web Page
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Results 110 of 8467 related to "Sport psychologists help professional..."