APA Science Directorate Booklets on fMRI

In March 2007 the Science Directorate published two printed and Web resources for students and the general public to learn about functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) in psychological science.

The APA Science Directorate has supported the training of hundreds of psychologists in how to incorporate fMRI into their research. As the capstone of our series of NIMH funded Advanced Training Institutes on fMRI, we have published two booklets (one for adults and one for teenagers) describing fMRI-based psychological research. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible about the advances allowed by fMRI, with special emphasis on applications in psychology.

These booklets highlight some of the most exciting fMRI research taking place at the intersection of psychology and physiology in four sections:

  • Improving lives.
  • Treating disorders.
  • Addressing social problems.
  • Exploring the mind.

In these sections, we highlight a broad range of research on such enduring problems as addiction, racism and dyslexia. Numerous examples and straightforward language seek to make the material come alive for readers.

The booklets are intended for general audiences who are interested in learning about psychological science and its applications to everyday life. Through outreach activities such as the publication of these booklets, the Science Directorate hopes to increase public understanding of fMRI and psychological science.

Electronic versions of both booklets are available free for educational uses. Distribution of either booklet must include the entire booklet in its complete form, including the copyright page. 

APA booklets describing fMRI-based psychological research

fmri-adult Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A New Research Tool (PDF, 1.8MB) 
Written for college age and above.

fmri-teen Introducing Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging...An Exciting New Research Tool! (PDF, 2MB) 
Written for teen age readers.

Order printed copies

Printed copies of the booklets can be requested from Nicolle Singer at the APA Science Directorate. Any questions about this project can be emailed to the Science Directorate.