June 2004 Announcements

Science Directorate 2004 APA Convention Programs; Course on Human Research Protections in Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences; Four New Members Appointed to the Decade of Behavior National Advisory Committee; Assessment Related References for Diverse Populations Now Available

Science Directorate 2004 APA Convention Programs

The Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) will sponsor a number of exciting programs at the APA Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, July 28 - August 1, 2004. For more information, visit the APA Convention website

Course on Human Research Protections in Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences

This day-long course addresses human research protection issues in the design, implementation, and review of research in the psychology and the behavioral sciences. The course provides investigators with a richer understanding of key ethical concepts and the tools for assessing best ethical practices in the context of psychological research. It also offers guidance on the preparation of protocols and effective communication with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

Four New Members Appointed to the Decade of Behavior National Advisory Committee

The Decade of Behavior staff recently solicited nominations for the 2004 National Advisory Committee (NAC). The committee is comprised of 14 distinguished scientists who formulate ideas for Decade of Behavior programs and activities. Appropriate candidates are nominated by affiliated organizations that represent a variety of disciplines. Of the nominees, four have been invited to join the NAC:

Barbara Miller
Miller is Professor of Anthropology & International Affairs and Director of Culture in Global Affairs Research & Policy Program at George Washington University. Nominated by the American Anthropological Association.

Marshall Scott Poole
Poole is Professor of Information and Operations Management and Professor of Speech Communication at Texas A&M University. Nominated by the National Communication Association.

Merle Paule
Paule is the Head of the Behavioral Toxicology Laboratories at the Food and Drug Administration's National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, Arkansas. Nominated by the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society.

Reginald Golledge
Golledge is Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Nominated by the Association of American Geographers.

We are honored to welcome these four scientists as members of our National Advisory Committee and send sincere thanks the organizations that nominated them. Unfortunately, the addition of new members forces us to bid farewell to members who have diligently served on the committee during their tenure. We would like to express our gratitude to the following members who will be rotating off the NAC:

Robert Bjork
Professor of Psychology, University of California-Los Angeles and Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Aletha Huston
Priscilla Pond Flawn Regents Professor of Child Development, University of Texas-Austin.

Stephen Manuck
Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh.

Dean Falk
Professor and Chair of Anthropology, Florida State University.

Assessment Related References for Diverse Populations Now Available

Assessment Related References for Women, People with Disabilities, and Cultural/ Ethnic/Linguistically Diverse Populations Compiled by the Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA) and the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) are now available.

Bibliography on Relevant Literature Addressing Testing and Assessment of Cultural, Ethnic, and Linguistically Diverse Populations (CEMA/CPTA)

Reference on Testing People of Color, Women, Language Minorities, and People with Disabilities (CPTA)

Books and Chapter Pertaining to Neuropsychological Assessment Cross-Culturally, with Minorities, and with Non-English Speaking Individuals (CPTA)

For more information, please visit CPTA and CEMA