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Great Science on Tap for the APA Convention!

Following is a brief sample of some of the excellent science programming that will occur at the 2005 APA Annual Convention.

Following is a brief sample of some of the excellent science programming that will occur at the 2005 APA Annual Convention. The Convention will be held August 18 - 21 in Washington DC. Please visit for information about the Convention, including registration and housing. Please visit the APA Science web site at the beginning of July for a fuller listing of the programs noted below, plus highlights of division programs.

Judith Rodin, The Rockefeller Foundation, New York, NY
The University As an Agent of Change: Transforming Individual Behavior and Community Engagement

Master Lecture
Shelley E. Taylor, University of California--Los Angeles
Why Do People Tend and Befriend Under Stress? A Biosocial Approach

Master Lecture
Susan Goldin-Meadow, PhD, University of Chicago
How Our Hands Help Us Think

Plenary and G. Stanley Hall Lecture
Barry Schwartz, Swarthmore College
Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

Symposium: Psychological Tests and Assessment in Evidence-Based Practice
John D. Hunsley, University of Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Thomas R. Kratochwill, University of Wisconsin--Madison

2005 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
Douglas L. Medin, Northwestern University
Role of Culture and Expertise in Cognition

Timothy Schallert, University of Texas at Austin
Behavioral Enrichment: Can Brain Cell Loss Be Stopped?

Innovation in Health Psychology: Multidisciplinary Science to Enhance Individual Health and Community Change---A Festschrift in Honor of Judith Rodin

Master Lecture
Paul Sackett, University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
High-Stakes Testing in Higher Education and Employment: Appraising the Evidence for Validity and Fairness

June P. Tangney, George Mason University
Shame and Guilt: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2005 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
Charles G. Gross, Princeton University
Neural Mechanisms of Face Processing

Wade F. Horn, US Department of Health and Human Services, Wash, DC
Empirical Research and Policy Formulation, Review, and Assessment

Master Lecture
Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Yale University
Rumination and Depression

2005 Award Ceremony: American Psychological Association and American Psychological Foundation Awards

Plenary and 2005 Distinguished Scientific Contribution for the Applications of Psychology Award

Karen A. Matthews, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Depression, Hostility, and Other Bad Things for Your Heart

Symposium: Relapse to Addictive Drugs---Recent Research With Human and Nonhuman Subjects

Annual Neal Miller Lecture

Lynn Nadel, University of Arizona
Memory, Stress, and the Brain: In Miller's Footsteps

2005 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
Robert S. Siegler, Carnegie Mellon University
The Glow and the Haze

Sheena S. Iyengar, Columbia University, New York
Choice and Its Discontents

Marsha M. Linehan, University of Washington-Seattle
Mindfulness in DBT: A Skills Approach to Teaching Mindfulness
Conversation Hour: Foot in the Door---How Students Can Become Journal Reviewers

Todd F. Heatherton, Dartmouth College
Social Brain Sciences Approach to Understanding the Self: Social Psychology and Brain Science in Cooperation

Master Lecture
Megan R. Gunnar, University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
Early Experience and Stress in Human Development

NIDA/NIAAA Director Award Presentation/Social Hour and Division Poster Session
(Presentation of APA Presidential Citations to Nora Volkow and Ting-Kai Li)