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2005 Science Leadership Conference Photos

SciLC Participants include Shankar Vedantam, Jamie Talan, Science Friday host Ira Flatow, and special award recipients.

SciLC Participants consider "The Public Face of Psychological Science."

Shankar  best represent psychological science to federal research agencies.

Host of Science Friday Ira FlaVedantam with The Washington Post, speaks on Psychology and Psychologists in the Media.

Jamie Talan with Newsday, speaks on Psychology and Psychologists in the Media.

Participants talk with AAAS CEO Alan Leshner about how to engage with other science fields.

Robert Sellers, Chris Lo, and James Bray discuss measures to reach parents, teachers, and community groups.

Participants discuss how totow (far left) and the panel on Gender Differences (from left to right) Nora Newcombe, Diane Halpern, and Lynn Liben. Janet Hyde participated by remote broadcast.

Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, David Krantz, Wendy Berry Mendes, and Fairs Tuma for the panel on Stress and Health.

SciLC Participant, Hazel Markus, asks a question during a training session on "Psychology in the Media."

SciLC Participants discuss "Psychological Science under attack."

APA President Ron Levant and BSA Chair Roberta Klatzky with the special award recipients. From left to right: (first row) Roberta Klatzky, Ellen Diane Witt, Cora Lee Wetherington, Susan Chipman, Ron Levant, (back row) Robert Bjork, Wanda Ward, Bruce Overmier, and Susan Brandon.