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Call for nominations for the 2006-2008 APA Science Student Council

Five positions are currently available on the APA Science Student Council (APASSC).

The Science Directorate requests your help in making nominations to the APA Science Student Council (APASSC). Formed in 1993, the APASSC is a diverse group of science-oriented psychology graduate students who serve as an advisory group to the APA Science Directorate. The Council represents the interests of science-oriented students by providing valuable advice to the Directorate on how it can best serve the science student population. The Council has been actively involved in a number of projects, including organizing student programs for the APA Convention and making recommendations on the Directorate’s student programs. The Council reports to the Board of Scientific Affairs and works cooperatively with the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students.

The Directorate is seeking nominations of second or third year graduate students, or first year graduate students with a master’s degree in psychology, to serve a two-year term for the 2006-2008 calendar years, during which time they must be actively engaged in their programs. Council members are required to attend two weekend meetings per year during the 2006-2008 term in Washington, DC, at APA’s expense. The first meeting of this term will take place in early April 2006. In addition, council members are expected to remain available during an unofficial third (non-meeting) year to advise new incoming members.

Five (5) positions are currently available on the Council, one position in each of the following areas of research:

  • Health Research
    Sample areas of interest: Behavioral medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Health risk behaviors

  • Individual/Organizational Research
    Sample areas of interest: Industrial, Organizational, Occupational Health, Vocational Psychology

  • Social/Personality Research
    Sample areas of interest: Social, Cultural Psychology, Personality

  • Clinical Science
    Sample areas of interest: Psychopatholgy, Personality, Interventions

  • Behavioral Neuroscience
    Sample areas of interest: Psychopharmacology, Addictions, Neuroscience, Learning

All nominations must be received by Monday, February 6, 2006, and must include the following materials:

  1. A letter of recommendation (not to exceed 500 words) from the student’s advisor, co-signed by the Department Chair, endorsing the nomination.

  2. An essay written by the student about why s/he wants to be on the Council and how s/he could contribute as a Council member (not to exceed 500 words).

  3. A description written by the student about his/her research in psychology that demonstrates commitment to psychological science (not to exceed 500 words).

  4. An abbreviated curriculum vitae (not to exceed two pages).

Please direct questions and nominations to the
APA Science Directorate
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
Email the Science Student Council
Phone.: 202-336-6000.

New members will be selected by March 1, 2006.

For more information on the APASSC and the Council’s current projects, please visit the Science Student Council.