May 2006 Announcements

Upcoming Deadline: APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships; Congratulations to the 2006 Student Travel Award Winners!; Attention Graduate Students: NIH Research Festival Wants You; Call for Nominations to the APA Science Student Council; A Scientist's Guide to the APA Convention; Early Researcher Awards

Upcoming Deadline: APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships

Promising graduate students are invited to apply for one of the graduate research scholarships offered by the American Psychological Foundation (APF) and the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP). The purpose of this scholarship program is to assist graduate students of psychology with research costs. To be eligible for these prestigious awards, students must be enrolled in an interim master's or doctoral program in a COGDOP member department.

The application deadline is June 26, 2006. Applications must include an official application form, a letter of recommendation from the nominee's graduate research advisor, an outline of the nominee's thesis or dissertation research project, and a vitae.

Congratulations to the 2006 Student Travel Award Winners!

The Science Directorate sponsors an annual competition for graduate student travel awards, in order to help psychology graduate students travel to the annual APA Convention to present their research. Following is a list of the 2006 recipients, who will each receive $300 to defray their expenses in New Orleans. Congratulations to all of our Student Travel Award winners!

Sue Adams, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Lynette Adams, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Allison Applebaum, Boston University
Rubab Arim, University of British Columbia
Karyn Audet, Simon Fraser University
Nicole Avena, Princeton University
Brian Ayotte, West Virginia University
Jon Peter Baello, California State University, Fullerton
Jon Craig Barch, University of Iowa
Marcella Boynton, University of Connecticut
Guler Boyraz, The University of Memphis
Carolyn Brodnick, University of Kentucky
David Bucur, Purdue University
Kuan-yi Chen, University of Texas, Austin
Wai-Ying Chow, Arizona State University
Cody Christopherson, University of Notre Dame
Keith Ciani, University of Missouri, Columbia
Maria Constantinidou, Nova Southeastern University
Maria Cruza-Guet, Lehigh University
Kristen Dams-O'Connor, University of Albany, State University of New York
Cirleen DeBlaere, Univeristy of Florida
Kristen Demertzis, Univeristy of California, Los Angeles
Nathan Doty, University of Miami
Vanessa Downing, University of Maryland
Amy Drapalski, George Mason University
Jeanne Duax, Case Western Reserve University
Nicole Else-Quest, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Marina Epstein, University of Michigan
Tiffanie Fennell, Texas Tech University
Amanda Ferrier, University of Albany, State University of New York
Peter Forkner, George Mason University
Ravi Gatha, Boston College
Ashley Gibb, Indiana University
Seth Gillihan, University of Pennsylvania
Amalia Guerrero, Alliant International University
Rachel Jacobs, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Jessica Johnson, East Carolina University
Shiloh Jordan, University of Missouri, Columbia
Cynthia Khan, Kent State University
Paul Kim, University of Notre Dame
Jenny Klein, University of Central Florida
Brandon Korman, Nova Southeastern University
Michael Lau, University of Notre Dame
Susan Lazar, Duquesne University
Seongjik Lee, University of Kentucky
Naomi Lee, Georgetown University
Stacie Leffard, Duquesne University
Kathleen Leonard, Boston College
Kelly Liao, Iowa State University
Nancy Lin, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Robyn Long, The University of Georgia
Jennifer Lyle, La Salle University
Eva Mamak, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Luci Martin, University of North Texas
Susan Meagher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bindu Methikalam, Penn State University
Sarah Miller, University of Alabama
David Miller, University of Oregon
Judith Misbach, University of Calgary
Demietrice Moore, Purdue University
Katherine Morasch, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Cynthia Najdowski, University of Illinois, Chicago
Ashley Newton, University of Denver
Soorim Noh, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Nilda Medina, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Lori Phelps, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Victor Poteat, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Ashley Randall, North Dakota State University
Robyn Rehbein, New Mexico State University
Ariz Rojas, University of South Florida
Lori Roop, George Mason University
Kelly Sample, State University of New York College, Brockport
Jui Shankar, Ball State University
Frances Shen, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Hung-Bin Sheu, University of Maryland
Margaret Sibley, James Madison University
Joanna Sokolowska, Fordham University
Francis Lee Stevens, Tennessee State University
Rachel Swopes, Pittsburg State University
David Tager, University of Missouri, Columbia
Phillip Tatum, Colorado State University
Ryan Thibodeau, Syracuse University
Mindi Thompson, University of Akron
Daphny Tobias, Our Lady of the Lake University
Katalin Toth, University of Nevada, Reno
Giac-Thao Tran, University of Minnesota
Irina Tzoneva, Simon Fraser University
Jessica VanVieet, Penn State University at Harrisburg
Emily Wakeman, The University of Alabama
Mei-Chuan Wang, The University of Memphis
Stephanie Washburn, Texas A&M University
Mark Weinberger, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MySha Whorley, Clark University
Kevin Williams, University of British Columbia
Christine Williams, University of Akron
Brian Willoughby, University of Miami
Brian Wymbs, University of Buffalo, SUNY
Zhang Zhiyong, University of Virginia

Attention Graduate Students: NIH Research Festival Wants You

The National Institutes of Health is actively recruiting candidates to participate in the upcoming National Graduate Student Research Festival, to be held October 12th, 2006 in Bethesda, Maryland. We are writing to request your assistance in identifying candidates for this exciting event. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a PhD program in the U.S. and on schedule to complete their PhD degree by October, 2007. We will be selecting up to 250 students to spend two days talking about their research through poster sessions, meeting other students from around the U.S., learning about the research being done at NIH, and exploring postdoctoral training opportunities on the NIH campuses.

The deadline for application is June 1 and the online application can be found online on the NIH Research and Training Opportunities website.

Call for Nominations to the APA Science Student Council

The Science Directorate of the American Psychological Association (APA) requests your help in making nominations to the APA Science Student Council (APASSC). Formed in 1993, the APASSC is a diverse group of science-oriented psychology graduate students who serve as an advisory group to the APA Science Directorate. The Council represents the interests of science-oriented students by providing valuable advice to the Directorate on how it can best serve the science student population. The Council has been actively involved in a number of projects, including organizing student programs for the APA Convention and making recommendations on the Directorate's student programs. The Council reports to the Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) and works cooperatively with the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS).

The Directorate is seeking nominations of graduate students, currently in their first or second year, to serve a two and a half year term (fall 2006, and the 2007 and 2008 calendar years), during which time they must be actively engaged in their programs. Council members are required to attend two weekend meetings per year during their term in Washington, DC, at APA's expense. The first meeting of this term will take place in November of 2006. In addition, council members are expected to remain available during an unofficial third (non-meeting) year to help advise new incoming members.

One (1) position is currently available on the Council, in the following area of research:

  • Psychological Methodology

Sample areas of interest: Applied Experimental Psychology / Methodology (Quantitative or Qualitative) / Statistics

All nominations must be received (not postmarked) by June 19, 2006, and must include the following materials:

  • A letter of recommendation (not to exceed 500 words) from the student's advisor, co-signed by the Department Chair, endorsing the nomination

  • An essay written by the student about why she/he wants to be on the Council and how she/he could contribute as a Council member (not to exceed 500 words)

  • A description written by the student about his/her research in psychology that demonstrates commitment to psychological science (not to exceed 500 words)

  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae (not to exceed two pages).

Please direct questions and nomination materials to:

Amy Test
APA Science Directorate
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

The new Psychological Methodology representative to the APASSC will be selected by July 16, 2006.

A Scientist's Guide to the APA Convention

The Science Directorate is currently preparing a listing of science-focused programs for the 114th APA Convention which is being held in New Orleans, LA from August 10-13, 2006.

Science Directorate sponsored programs as well as sessions sponsored by APA Divisions will be highlighted. This web-based guide will be available online on the Science Directorate's webpage in late June. Copies will also be available for distribution during the convention at the Science Directorate Booth.

This guide is being developed to highlight and promote science-focused convention programming. Convention programs include symposia, paper and poster sessions, invited addresses, discussions, and workshops.

Early Researcher Awards

The APA Science Student Council is proud to announce its annual competition for early (i.e., pre-doctoral) researchers. The purpose of the program is to recognize outstanding student researchers who are currently early in their graduate training. We are unable to accept submissions from advanced graduate students for research completed earlier in their graduate training.

In 2006, two awards will be granted: a $1,000 award for basic science, and a $1,000 award for applied science.
This year's deadline is September 1, 2006.