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Past Participants' Perspectives on the APA Advanced Training Institutes

Past attendees of the Science Directorate's Advanced Training Institutes comment on their experiences.

By Nicolle Singer

Should you consider applying for one of the Science Directorate's Advanced Training Institutes? Check out the comments from those who have attended in the past...

The ATI on Large-Scale Datasets using the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development's Study of Early Child Care (SECC) received rave reviews. Angela Griffin, of the University of Texas at Austin, comments that "the course exceeded my expectations. Presenters just did a wonderful job! They were immensely helpful and thorough in answering questions."

Additionally, Jennifer Marsh of Children's National Medical Center (CNMC) and George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences reports that "the training was terrific and it got me really excited about working with the data." She enthusiastically recommends the ATI to other researchers who are interested in learning about the datasets, secondary data analysis, and funding sources for use of the data. Jennifer reports that since the ATI training, she and a pediatrician colleague have convened a cross-disciplinary working group of 9-10 researchers at CNMC who will collaborate on use of the SECC data.

Similarly, Jennifer Thomas of Yale University commented that the ATI on Non-Linear Methods "was interesting and comprehensive. I liked how it took place in a computer lab and we could do structured practice exercises every day. The instructors tried to meet us at our level and make analogies between non-linear and linear stats (material we were familiar with). This was an excellent ATI."

Attendees at last year's ATI on Structural Equation Modeling also reported getting a lot out of the experience. Barbara Byrne of the University of Ottawa commented that "This was absolutely the best workshop I have ever attended!" and "I very much liked the way the practical lab session were woven into the lectures." Likewise, Amy Marshall of Pennsylvania State University reports that "Overall, it was fantastic. The progression to more complicated models was very smooth. Once I learned the basics, it was very comprehensible."

The ATI in Web-Based Research was equally well-received, with Julia Omarzu of Loras College commenting that it provided "a good mix of basic information through more complicated applications. It was nice to have instructors flexible enough to tailor the sessions to different interests and skill levels."

Check out the ATI website to apply for one of these exciting programs. Applications will be accepted until seats are filled for some programs, while others have strict application deadlines and procedures. Details can be found on the web.