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The SciLC Poster Session

The Second Annual Science Leadership conference held a poster presentation that highlighted the research of 22 early career research psychologists in the field of psychological science.

By Stephanie R. Johnson

The Second Annual Science Leadership conference held a poster presentation that highlighted the research of 22 early career research psychologists in the field of psychological science.

Each of the poster presentations was fantastic and provided a synopsis of the exciting research that is being conducted by these early career research psychologists. Various areas within psychological science were represented including bio-behavioral health, information technology and learning, developmental psychology, and organizational behavior.

This particular poster session was unique in that each poster presentation provided informative and accessible information through the use of text, graphics and interactive demonstrations. For example, Bruce Walker was able to demonstrate his System for Wearable Audio Navigation that enables people with vision impairments to move through their environment. Marina Bers was able to exhibit how Virtual Communities of Learning and Care Technologies promote positive youth development. These are just two examples of the outstanding research projects that were presented during the poster session.

The poster session was well attended by various individuals including science reporters, governmental agency representatives, as well as other researchers. Overall, this was a wonderful event and a shining example of the Science Leadership Conference mission "Supporting and Advancing the Careers of Scientists."

SciLC Poster Presenters:

Elva M. Arredondo
San Diego State University
Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in the Home: Does Parenting Style Really Matter?

Tamara A. Baker
University of South Florida
Race Group Differences in Adults Presenting for Chronic Pain Management: The Influence of Health and Psychosocial Factors

Marina U. Bers
Tufts University
Virtual Communities of Learning and Care: Technologies to Promote Positive Youth Development

Aaron P. Blaisdell
University of California, Los Angeles
Causal Reasoning in Rats

Michael Edwards
The Ohio State University
Moving Beyond Summed Scores

Angela Fagerlin
University of Michigan
Making Numbers Matter: Testing Methods to Communicate Medical Risks to Patients

Shelly L. Gable
University of California, Los Angeles
He Said, She Said: How Motives Influence Attention in Close Relationships

Mary de Groot
Ohio University
Rates of Depression and Treatment Among Rural Appalachians with Type 2 Diabetes

Hector M. González
Wayne State University
Disparities in Antidepressant Use Among Community-Dwelling Black and White Americans

David E. Huber
University of California, San Diego
Separating Events in Time: The 'How' and 'Why' of Repetition Blindness

Stanley Huey
University of Southern California
Culture-Adapted One-Session Treatment for Specific Phobias with Asian Americans

Laura M. Justice
University of Virginia
Impact of a Comprehensive Language Curriculum on At-Risk Preschoolers' Language Skills

Carl W. Lejuez
University of Maryland, College Park
Development of Behavioral Measures for Assessing Vulnerability to Engagement in Risk Behavior among Adolescents

Marguerita Lightfoot
University of California, Los Angeles
Using Technology to Change Sexual Risk Behaviors

Wendy J. Lynch
University Of Virginia
Influence of Sex and Ovarian Hormones on "Binge" Cocaine Self-Administration

Colleen A. McClung
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas TX
The Molecular Mechanisms of Mood Disorders and Drug Addiction:Role of the Circadian Clock

Christian A. Meissner
University of Texas at El Paso
"They Really Are Different!": Basic & Applied Aspects of the Cross-Race Effect in Memory for Faces

Frederick P. Morgeson
Michigan State University
The Paradox of Self-Managing Teams: Understanding the Role of Team Leadership

Bunmi O. Olatunji
Vanderbilt University
Clinical and Social Implications of Disgust

Stacey Sinclair
University of Virginia
Interpersonal Interactions Structure Stereotype Targets' Academic Expectancies

Edelyn Verona
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Emotion and Biosocial Processes in Aggression and Antisocial Behavior

Bruce N. Walker
Georgia Institute of Technology
Sonification and Auditory Graphs: Research and Applications