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Another Great Summer for APA Science Directorate Undergraduate Programs!

The students, who represented large and small colleges and universities across the nation, gathered in La Jolla to learn from a distinguished group of faculty members.

The APA Summer Science Institute (SSI) and Advanced Statistical Training in Psychology (ASTP) programs once again held successful sessions for diverse groups of talented undergraduate students.

For ten days in June at SSI, 32 talented undergraduate students had the great pleasure to dip their toes in scientific psychology with the faculty at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) as their guides.

The students, who represented large and small colleges and universities across the nation, gathered in La Jolla to learn from a distinguished group of faculty members. John Wixted, chair of the Department of Psychology played a key role in the wonderful reception of the SSI program. Faculty who served as lecturers included Stephan Anagnostaras, Mark Appelbaum, Sandra Brown, Leslie Carver, Nicholas Christenfeld, Karen Dobkins, Vic Ferreira, Gail Heyman, Don McLeod, and Larry Squire. Lab faculty mentors were Stephan Anagnostaras, Andrea Chiba, Leslie Carver, Nicholas Christenfeld, Seana Coulson, Karen Dobkins, Vic Ferreira, and Jaime Pineda. Chiba, Coulson, and Pineda are all affiliated with the Cognitive Science Department. The students were assigned to labs where they performed research projects through the week, giving detailed reports to the group at week's end.

Two stellar graduate students from UCSD, Tanner Mitten and Jing Shen, gave our SSI students guidance, mentoring, and friendship, and were stalwart supporters of the APA Institute leaders, Virginia Holt and Brett Pelham.

In addition to the remarkable amount of mental stimulation, the students found themselves playing many games of Mafia, poker, and other games, seeing the sights of San Diego, visiting the La Jolla beaches, and conversing with one another, nearly non-stop.

SSI students for 2007 were: Nadia Abraibesh, Linfield College; Veronica Alvarez, University of Miami; Michelle Anderson, Carthage College; Alexandra Balino, University of Michigan; Marissa Beidler, Muhlenberg College; Peter Bowling, Augustana College; Kristen Briggs, Reed College; Paul Condon, Gonzaga University; Kenneth Crayton, Bradley University; Chunyu Duan, Furman University; Erin Etzel, Vanderbilt University; Jennifer Garcia, Regis College; Hilary Haimes, Amherst College; David Hauptman, George Washington University; Jose Ho-Guanipa, Duke University; Jeffrey Hooten, Texas State University; Carolyn Humber, Occidental College; Jeffrey Hunger, University of Minnesota; Jessica Jones, Arcadia University; Ross Knoll, Hope College; Josiah Leong, University of California, Berkeley; Jerrold Lieblich, Yale University; William Matchin, University of California, Irvine; An-vi Nguyen, University of California, Irvine; Olamide Oduyingbo, Quinnipiac University; Elizabeth Price, Dickinson College; Sarah Seegal, Vassar College; Lauren Sigman, Mt. Holyoke College; Justin Souliere, Rhode Island College; Kelly Spratte-Lennington, Transylvania University; Kelly Walton, Brown University; and Anjie Zheng, Amherst College.

Just two weeks following the close of the SSI, we opened the Advanced Statistical Training in Psychology (ASTP) program at the APA headquarters building. The fifteen students who took part in the nine-day program were housed at nearby Catholic University of America.

In addition to becoming totally immersed in statistics for more than a week, the ASTP students learned about what it is like to attend graduate school in psychological science, enjoyed a moonlight tour of the Washington monuments, and attended a baseball game between the Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies (and against heavy odds, the Nationals won!).

Brett Pelham (University of Buffalo), Keith Maddox (Tufts University), and Mauricio Carvallo (University of Oklahoma) once again provided instruction, guidance, and companionship for the week.

Students who attended ASTP in 2007 were: Sabrina Askari, University of Mary Washington; Audra Bayird, Ouachita Baptist University; Melissa Boone, Spelman College; Candice Crawford, Westminster College; Kate Duchowny, University of Miami; Jillian Ducker, Simpson University; Mary Duncan, Wisconsin Lutheran College; Shannon Garrett, Erskine College; Claire Hotelling, Oakland University; Brandi Houle, Saint Joseph College; Yuliya Rinberg, Carnegie-Mellon University; Elissa Roy, University of California, Berkeley; Michelle Tano, University of Miami; Chislon Thomas, Jackson State University; and Edgar Vargas, San Diego State University.