February 2008 Announcements

Undergraduate Statistics Program Now Taking Applications!; Upcoming Nomination Deadline: Frank J. McGuigan Young Investigator Prize; Student Travel Awards Announced for 2008 Convention; The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Announces a New Website to Facilitate Information-Sharing and Collaboration; The Elderhostel K. Patricia Cross Doctoral Research Grant; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Awards Available; New Book on International Research Collaborations

Undergraduate Statistics Program Now Taking Applications!

APA’s Advanced Statistical Training in Psychology program is now open for applications! This exceptional opportunity is designed for students who will be undergraduate seniors in the 2008-2009 academic year. It is an ideal way to learn more about statistics at a time when many students are thinking about graduate school. Successful applicants are those who have firm plans to pursue a graduate degree in psychological science.

Up to 20 students will be selected to participate in this intensive, 9-day, hands-on seminar. Featured activities include lectures, SPSS activities, hands-on activities, discussions about graduate school, as well as plenty of fun!

The ASTP targets students who are from traditionally underrepresented groups in psychology. For purposes of this program, the definition of underrepresented groups is intentionally broad, including students who are members of ethnic minority groups, first generation college students, and students who have had to overcome other kinds of social, physical, or economic barriers on the road to academic excellence.

ASTP will take place at the University of Maryland, College Park, July 12 – 20. Housing, meals, instruction, labs, and some social events are covered for all students. Participants will pay a $200 registration fee and provide for their own travel. Financial need should not be a barrier to anyone’s participation. For those with financial need, scholarship support is available for travel as well as for the registration fee.

The deadline for applications is Monday, March 17.

Upcoming Nomination Deadline: Frank J. McGuigan Young Investigator Prize

Is there a promising early career faculty member in your psychology department who studies the human mind from a psychophysiological perspective? Is this person nine or fewer years post PhD? Would recognition and funding provide a deserved boost to his or her promising research? Nominate your colleague for the F. J. McGuigan Prize today! Deadline to submit is March 1, 2008. Visit the APA McGuigan website or e-mail the Science Directorate for more information.

Student Travel Awards Announced for 2008 Convention

The Science Directorate announces its 21st annual APA Student Travel Award competition. Each year, the Directorate provides $300 grants to up to 100 psychology graduate students, to facilitate travel to the Annual APA Convention to present their research. Selection for the award is based on the quality of the submitted information. Geographic location is also considered in granting the awards. Up to three students from each APA affiliated department of psychology may submit applications. If more than three students from a department wish to apply for these funds, the department must perform an initial screening and forward only three applications.

The deadline for applications is April 1, 2008 for travel to the 116th annual APA Convention, taking place August 14-17 in Boston, Massachusetts. All applicants must have their paper, poster, or symposium accepted by an APA division prior to applying for the award.

For more information about this grant opportunity, visit APA's Science Directorate Travel Info site, or e-mail the Science Directorate.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Announces a New Website to Facilitate Information-Sharing and Collaboration

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently announced the availability of a new website designed to encourage drug abuse researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to share information across disciplines, networks and institutions. The NIDA Networking Project (NNP) Website provides access to the locations, people, and resources of NIDA-sponsored research networks, including, for example, the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (CTN) and the NIDA Genetics Consortium (NGC). The goal is to encourage cooperative scientific discussion and research collaboration to accelerate addiction science.

The principal Website features includes:

  • An interactive US map with locations and contacts for nearly 200 NIDA network sites
    Network missions and descriptions

  • Links to 15 network Websites with scientific protocols and papers, as well as, procedural policies and manuals

  • NIDA news and events of interest to scientists, clinicians, and addiction specialists

  • NNP Colleagues Directory--a searchable data base of network participants’ expertise and research interests

The new website was recommended by a group of network representatives convened by NIDA in July, 2006. The representatives later participated in beta testing the site to ensure that it met expectations. Additional networks and their resources will be added to the site in the coming months. The new website adds to NIDA’s extensive Web-based information about drug abuse and addiction for all audiences including the general public, practitioners, policymakers, and scientists.

For further information, visit the NIDA website.

The Elderhostel K. Patricia Cross Doctoral Research Grant

The Elderhostel K. Patricia Cross Doctoral Research Grant is a $5,000 award presented annually to a student researching later-life learning in any of various disciplines, including but not limited to, psychology, education, gerontology, cognitive studies, neuroscience, leisure studies, aging and social work. The grant can be used in any way that furthers the student’s doctoral research, including presentation and publication costs of your completed dissertation.

The application deadline is March 31, 2008.

The Elderhostel K. Patricia Cross Doctoral Research Grant recipient will be determined by a selection committee consisting of professors, practitioners and other leaders in the field of lifelong learning. The winning recipient will be announced in June 2008.

For more information, including requirements and the online application, visit the Elderhostel website. Should you have any questions about the Elderhostel K. Patricia Cross Doctoral Grant, please e-mail.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Awards Available

The Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is designed to support scholars from a range of fields who have broad projects that can enhance policy to improve health or health care in the U.S. Unlike most NIH or NSF funding opportunities, the program, which provides grants of up to $335,000, is not intended to support a discrete research project but rather to allow a scholar to devote considerable time to a project of greater scope than the usual RO1 grant. The program also offers an unusual opportunity to meet, interact, and often collaborate with outstanding scholars in fields including medicine, economics, political science, sociology, law, epidemiology, history, public health, and journalism among others.

The Call for Applications is posted on the Foundation website. The next deadline for receipt of 4-page letters of intent is March 26, 2008. Contact the Foundation for additional information.

New Book on International Research Collaborations

The National Academies Press has released a new book, International Collaborations in Behavioral and Social Sciences: Report of a Workshop. The volume reviews the benefits of and obstacles to international collaborations in research as well as offers strategies that investigators and institutions can follow to build successful collaborations. Among the topics covered are cultural differences in scientific practice, social and political constraints on research, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communications, and issues surrounding project planning, funding, infrastructure, training, research ethics, data management, and publications.

The volume is based on a workshop held in October, 2006, at Northwestern University with funding from the National Science Foundation. Planning of the workshop and volume was overseen by a group designated by the U.S. National Committee for the International Union of Psychological Science. Group members were: Suzanne Bennett Johnson (chair) (Florida State University College of Medicine), Oscar Barbarin III (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Marc H. Bornstein (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), Kay K. Deaux (City University of New York Graduate Center), James Jackson (University of Michigan), Douglas L. Medin (Northwestern University), Charles A. Nelson (Harvard Medical School), Stephen W. Porges (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Judith Torney-Purta (University of Maryland).

The book can be viewed or purchased on the National Academies Press website.