From the Science Student Council

See YOU in August!

The Science Student Council has designed four convention sessions for graduate students interested in research.

The Science Student Council is a group of nine graduate students who spend a couple of weekends a year with the Science staff, advising on programs and activities that would benefit graduate students in psychological science. In this column, the students will present useful information that other graduate students need to know! Visit the Science Student Council to learn more about the activities of the SSC.

See YOU in August!
by Camilla Hileman

Are you a graduate student? Are you interested in research? Are you attending the APA Convention in August? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you are in luck! The Science Student Council has designed FOUR convention sessions especially for YOU! Be sure to check out the following sessions:

What I Wish I Had Known – A Guide for Graduate Students
Friday, August 15, 10:00-10:50 am

Whether you’re a first-year graduate student or a fifth-year graduate student, this session will offer helpful advice on how to avoid those grad student blues! Learn the insider tips on successfully surviving graduate school from your first research project to your first “real world” job! Think no one else has encountered the grad student predicaments that you’ve encountered? Think again! Our panelists have seen it all! At this session, Jennifer Perry from the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, Deborah Boehm-Davis from George Mason University, and Michael Edwards from Ohio State University will share their own grad school words of wisdom!

Psychological Science Graduate Superstars – Datablitz
Saturday, August 16, 2:00-2:50 pm

Could you explain your master’s thesis in two minutes? Better yet, could you describe your dissertation in a mere 120 seconds? Perhaps we couldn’t … but the graduate students in this session can! Back by popular demand, the SECOND annual Datablitz gives APA’s burgeoning scientists an opportunity to present their own research to a captive audience – provided they take on our “2 slides, 2 minutes” challenge! The energy and enthusiasm of this session is contagious – even the most weary conference goer will be caught up in this whirlwind of presentations! With a diversity of student research interests and perspectives, this session truly offers something for everyone.

Flaunt Your Science
Saturday, August 16, 3:00-3:50 pm

Have you ever tried describing your research to your Grandma – only to be met by a blank stare? If so, then this session is for you! Learn how to “flaunt your science” and turn that hundred-page dissertation into a short, grandma-accessible vignette! Have you seen an article on autism featured in a popular magazine? Or a headline about depression in your local newspaper? Ever wonder why someone else’s research makes the headline – but not yours? With the help of Jonah Lehrer from Seed Magazine, Kathleen Pierce from the Department of Defense, and Heather O’Beirne Kelly from the APA Office of Science Policy and Governmental Relations, learn how to make your research accessible to a lay population and how to disseminate your research findings beyond academia. Don’t let your dissertation be filed away on the back shelf of your school library – instead, take out that dissertation, dust it off, and flaunt it!

Show Me the Money – Grant Writing Basics for Graduate Students
Saturday, August 16, 4:00-4:50 pm

If you’re on the Ramen noodle grad student budget, then this session is for you! Learn how to apply for and receive an NIH or NSF fellowship or grant. Ramen dinners can become a thing of the past – or at least not an everyday occurrence! Whether you’re tackling your first grant application or trying to make sense of a revise and resubmit request, this session will provide you with the behind-the-scenes information of how grants are reviewed and how grants should be written. Panelists Leonard Jason from DePaul University and Betty Tuller from the National Science Foundation will guide you through the grant-writing maze!

When you’re not attending THESE great convention sessions, enjoy everything else that the APA Convention offers! Be sure to stop by the Science Directorate’s table to pick up their handy-dandy guide of research-oriented presentations – a great way to narrow down the many exciting convention options! Also, don’t forget about the 2008 Presidential Programming, which focuses on hot-topic issues including interpersonal violence, PTSD and trauma in children and adolescents, and hate crimes. Prominent speakers, such as Malcolm Gladwell and Edward Zigler, will be featured at the don’t miss out! Last but not least, enjoy Boston and all that this historical city has to offer! See YOU in August!