Research Funding

Summer Research Grants for Underrepresented Minority Groups in Neuroscience

This fellowship program supports junior faculty who want to launch research programs with undergraduate collaborators.

SOMAS-URM: Support of Mentors and their Students in the Neurosciences from Underrepresented Minority Groups

The SOMAS Program is pleased to announce the 2010 SOMAS-URM summer fellowship program designed to support junior faculty (untenured/pre-tenure assistant professors, typically within five years of having completed PhD and postdoctoral training) in the neurosciences seeking to launch research programs with undergraduate student collaborators. Faculty from predominantly undergraduate institutions will be eligible for awards of up to $8,000. Selections will be made based on the justifications for and the quality of the proposed research experience for the undergraduate. Preference will be given to faculty from underrepresented minority groups (URM), to faculty from institutions serving women and/or minority groups, or to faculty who have identified URM students as research collaborators. Special consideration will be given to faculty members with little experience in grant writing and who are just beginning their research programs.

Application deadline is December 1, 2009. For more information, visit the web site.