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F. J. McGuigan Early-Career Investigator Prize: Call for Nominations

This $25,000 prize recognizes the efforts of a psychological scientist whose research advances a materialistic understanding of the human mind.

The American Psychological Foundation has announced the 2010 competition for the F. J. McGuigan Young Investigator Prize. This $25,000 prize will be given to recognize and support the efforts of an early-career psychological scientist who is pursuing research consistent with the scientific interests of Frank Joseph McGuigan, PhD.

The prize supports research that aims to advance, both empirically and theoretically, a materialistic understanding of the human mind. The research may address any aspect of mental function (e.g., cognition, affect, motivation) and should utilize behavioral and/or neuroscientific methods.
Nominees must have earned a doctoral degree in psychology or a related field, and be 9 or fewer years post-doctoral degree at the time of the nomination deadline. Nominees must have an affiliation with an accredited college, university, or other research institution. The prize will be awarded to the recipient’s institution for the benefit of his or her research. Faculty salaries and indirect costs may not be requested.
The recipient will be selected based on the excellence of the full breadth of research conducted and published to date, as well as the promise of research planned for the next five years.

The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2010. For more information, visit here or email the APA Science Directorate.