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Science Leadership Conference: Psychologists Lobby Congress

This APA event updated psychologists on federal legislation and offered an opportunity for them to make the case for increased research funding and related matters.

victoria-shafferOn November 14-16, 2009, the APA Board of Scientific Affairs and Science Directorate hosted the fifth annual Science Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. The conference, titled Enhancing the Nation’s Health through Psychological Science, provided 100 psychologists with up-to-date information about current federal legislation related to health research and health care.  They also received training in how to advocate for funding and policies that support psychological research relevant to health. On the final day of the conference, participants visited the offices of their Representatives and Senators to make a case for enhanced funding of the National Institutes of Health, preservation of the peer review system, and inclusion of psychology within initiatives for comparative effectiveness research.

Be sure to look for more coverage of the Science Leadership Conference in the January issue of Psychological Science Agenda.