APA Endorses National Lab Day

The American Psychological Association has joined other major scientific organizations in endorsing National Lab Day. This nationwide initiative brings together scientists and educators to develop hands-on scientific projects for students in grades K-12.  The aim is to stimulate interest in science and technology and enhance the quality of science education.  While May 12, 2010, has been designated as National Lab Day, the initiative is a long-term one.

Scientists and educators with common interests can find one another by posting information about their scientific areas and proposed laboratory projects and field trips on the National Lab Day website.  APA encourages researchers working in all areas of psychological science to sign up and collaborate with local teachers in developing educational projects.

The lead sponsors of National Lab Day are the National Science Teachers Association, American Chemical Society, MacArthur Foundation, Jack D. Hidary Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and National Science Foundation.

Some behavioral and social scientists have expressed concerns that their fields are not well represented on the National Lab Day website.   APA is working with other behavioral and social science organizations to ensure that activities in our sciences are encouraged  and publicized by the National Lab Day promoters as fully as those in other fields.  These organizations are also seeking representation on the steering committee that oversees the initiative.
We invite psychologists to share their National Lab Day experiences with APA.  You may send comments to Howard Kurtzman.