The APA Science Student Council at APA Convention 2010

The APA Science Student Council has designed four Convention programs with science-oriented graduate students specifically in mind

By Winny Shen

The Science Student Council has planned an exciting program of events at the APA Convention 2010 in San Diego for YOU, the science-oriented graduate student. These programs explore a myriad of issues facing science-oriented graduate students ranging from how to persuasively and effectively disseminate your research findings, to how to navigate the world of funding agencies, to exploring career options for post-graduate life, to giving a concise summary of your research findings. Check out these four exciting sessions at Convention.

Disseminating Research Findings- How and Why (with APAGS)
Friday, August 13, 8:00-8:50AM
San Diego Convention Center Upper Level, Room 25A
Chair: Celiane Rey-Casserly (Children’s Hospital Boston)
More and more, graduate students are called upon to share and disseminate their research findings at both professional forums and to more general audiences including policy makers and laypeople to broaden the impact of their science. This session will provide helpful strategies and tips for graduate students to help them reach wider audiences, hone in their key findings and implications, and communicate clearly with granting agencies and policy makers. Panelists include our own Abby Adler (APASSC Clinical Science Representative, Ohio State University), Rachel Casas (APAGS Chair, UCLA), and Nina Levitt (APA Government Relations Office).

Graduate Student Allowance! Science Funding, Including Opportunities for Underrepresented Groups
Friday, August 13, 1:00-2:00PM
San Diego Convention Center Upper Level, Room 32A
Chair: Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz (APASSC Chair and Biopsychology Representative, New York University)
As graduate students evolve into independent researchers, they are often called upon to begin generating their own funding sources and start the journey toward generating larger grants. To help you navigate the complex world of funding agencies, the SSC has assembled a panel of distinguished speakers representing both private and public funding agencies to provide you with insight into the formula for generating successful proposals. Panelists include Kellina Craig-Henderson (National Science Foundation), Kimberly Rowsome (American Psychological Foundation), and Molly Wagster (National Institute on Aging).

Do I have to Graduate? Career Options in Psychological Science
Saturday, August 14, 3:00-4:00PM
San Diego Convention Center Upper Level, Room 33B
Chair: Stanley King (APASSC Behavioral Neuroscience Representative, University of Virginia)
As your graduation date draws closer, do you experience anxiety and trepidation about your life after graduate school? Fear not! The APASSC has put together an exciting panel of speakers representing different pathways that can be pursued post-graduation, including postdoctoral positions, academic positions, and applied positions in industry. Our speakers will dissect for you the pros and cons of different career options in psychological science. Panelists include Angela Lukowski (UC Irvine), Nicole Bush (UC San Francisco), and Gian Gonzaga (eHarmony).

Psychological Science Graduate Superstars- 4th Annual Datablitz
Saturday, August 14, 4:00-5:00PM
San Diego Convention Center Upper Level, Room 5A
Chair: Abby Adler (APASSC Clinical Science Representative, Ohio State University)
Want to be exposed to cutting edge psychological research in a fast-paced, stimulating environment? Datablitz challenges graduate students to present their research findings in only 2 minutes with only 2 slides! Come watch your fellow graduate students defy the odds to beat this challenge or earn the wrath of the 2 minute buzzer! Presenters include APASSC Early Graduate Student Award winners and top student research from various APA divisions.

We look forward to seeing you at Convention! To learn more about the APASSC and our activities, please visit our website.

Winny Shen, the industrial/organizational psychology representative on the APA Science Student Council, is a PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota. Her current research interests include fairness and diversity issues in educational and organizational settings, the prediction and measurement of academic and job performance, leadership, and occupational health psychology.