2011 APA Annual Convention

Science Showcase debuts at APA Annual Convention

Live demonstrations feature examples of research that has been translated into benefits for the public.

2011-ScienceShowcase-logo-smThree psychological scientists have been selected to present live demonstrations of their research at the APA Annual Convention in August, as part of the Convention’s first Science Showcase.

The Science Showcase prize for Best Demonstration has been awarded to Michael Proulx of Queen Mary University, London, for his presentation titled Seeing with your ears? Sensory substitution with The vOICe. Proulx will demonstrate a system that enables blind people to “see” with audio signals.

In addition, Beth Karlin’s presentation on Energy research for the smart home: The uci@home project will demonstrate an in-home feedback system being developed at the University of California, Irvine, that helps people to reduce energy usage.  And David Schroeder, of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, will present on Psychology, technology and fatigue assessment, demonstrating a fatigue assessment test that allows workers in high-intensity professions to measure alertness.

More information about each of the presenters and a schedule of demonstrations are on the 2011 Science Showcase webpage.