APA Science Boards and Committees: 2012 members

Scientists guide APA’s policies and programs.

The American Psychological Association has various governance groups that help guide APA’s policies and activities related to the advancement of psychological science.  The Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA), whose members are selected by the APA Council of Representatives, is concerned with all aspects of psychology as a science and serves as the primary advisory body for the APA Science Directorate.  Affiliated with BSA are four committees, each of which focuses on a specific area, and the Science Student Council, composed of graduate students.

The 2012 memberships of these bodies are shown below.  Further information about each group’s mission can be found on its webpage.  Each group meets formerly twice per year as well as interacts informally throughout the year.  All psychologists are encouraged to share their suggestions and questions about APA’s support of science with any members of these governance groups.

Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA)
Phillip L. Ackerman, Georgia Institute of Technology (2011-13)
M. Lynne Cooper, University of Missouri (2010-12)
Robyn Fivush, Emory University (2010-12)
Kathleen Y. Haaland, University of New Mexico/VA Medical Center (2011-13)
Martin Y. Iguchi, Georgetown University (2012-14)
Leah L. Light, Pitzer College (2012-14)
Kenneth J. Sher, University of Missouri (2010-12)
Jalie A. Tucker, University of Alabama (2011-13)
Sheldon Zedeck, University of California at Berkeley (2012-14)

Committee on Scientific Awards (COSA)
Susan Fiske, Princeton University (2011-13)
Jill Hooley, Harvard University (2010-12)
Gary P. Latham, University of Toronto (2012-14)
Steven Maier, University of Colorado (2011-13)
Robert Siegler, Carnegie Mellon University (2010-12)
Steven Yantis, Johns Hopkins University (2012-14)

Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE)
Gary L. Dunbar, Central Michigan University (2011-13)
Allyson Bennett, Wake Forest University (2012-14)
Marilyn E. Carroll, University of Minnesota (2012-14)
Jennifer Higa, University of Hawaii - Honolulu Community College (2010-12)
Pamela Scott-Johnson, Morgan State University (2010-12)
Rodney A. Swain, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011-13)

Committee on Human Research (CHR)
Thomas E. Eissenberg, Virginia Commonwealth University (2010-12)
Daniel C. Marson, University of Alabama at Birmingham (2010-13)
Miriam F. Kelty, (2010-13)
Vivian Ota Wang, (2010-13)
Barbara H. Stanley, Columbia University (2010-13)
Mieke H. Verfaellie, Boston VA Medical Center (2010-13)
Frank Y. Wong, Emory University (2010-12)

Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA)
Charlene Alexander, Ball State University (2012-14)
Marcia M. Andberg, Marcia Andberg Associates, LLC (2010-12)
Richard I Frederick, U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners (2011-13)
Michael J. Kolen, University of Iowa (2010-12)
Bernice Marcopulos, University of Virginia Health Science Center (2010-12)
Marc Norman, Brigham Young University (2012-14)
Samuel O. Ortiz, St. Johns University (2011-13)
Amy Elizabeth Schmidt, ETS (2011-13)
Nancy T. Tippins, Valtera Corporation (2012-14)

APA Science Student Council (APASSC)
Hallie Bregman, University of Miami (2010-2012)
Joshua Carp, University of Michigan (2011-12)
Michael Dunbar, University of Pittsburgh (2010-2012)
Gina Fernandez, George Mason University (2011-13)
David Kille, University of Waterloo (2010-2012)
Rachel Manes, City University of New York (2011-13)
Stephen Mistler, Arizona State University (2011-13)
Evgeniya ‘Jenny’ Pavlova, University of South Florida (2011-13)
Natale Sciolino, The University of Georgia (2010-2012)