Psychologists win National Academy of Sciences awards

Recipients honored for achievements in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

Four psychologists are among 17 individuals recently honored by the National Academy of Sciences for their contributions to science:

Troland Research Award

“This $50,000 research award is given annually to recognize unusual achievement by young investigators and to further empirical research within the broad spectrum of experimental psychology.”

Jason P. Mitchell Jason P. Mitchell
Harvard University

“Jason P. Mitchell is being recognized for his insightful use of neuroimaging and behavioral methods to enrich our understanding of how people infer the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of others.”


Laura E. Schulz Laura E. Schulz
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Laura E. Schulz is being recognized for her fundamental contributions to our understanding of how children develop knowledge of the physical and social world.”


John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science

“The Carty Award, a medal and a prize of $25,000, is awarded for noteworthy and distinguished accomplishment in any field of science and is presented this year in the field of cognitive science.”

Michael I. Posner Michael I. Posner
University of Oregon

“Michael I. Posner is being honored for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of spatial attention and development of attentional systems in children, and for his pioneering research with Marcus Raichle and Steve Petersen on the neural basis of cognition using non-invasive functional brain imaging methods.”


NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing

“The prize of $10,000, presented this year in the field of neuroscience, recognizes excellence in scientific reviewing.”

Larry R. Squire Larry R. Squire
University of California, San Diego and VA Medical Center, San Diego

“Larry R. Squire is a leader in the field of memory and is the foremost expert in the anatomical and functional basis of mammalian memory.  Squire is honored for his prolific and comprehensive reviews on memory research, for his seminal books that are standards in the field, and critical reviews of books on neuroscience.”


Other recipients of awards are listed on the National Academy website. APA congratulates all of the honorees.