APA launches open access journal

In 2013, the American Psychological Association will begin publishing a new journal, Archives of Scientific Psychology.  The journal, which will cover all areas of psychological research, will be:

  • Open access: All articles will be free and open to the public via the internet.

  • Open data: Data of reported studies will be made available for use by others.

  • Open methodology: Detailed information about methodology in standardized forms will be included with each article.

The journal will appear in electronic form only; no paper version will be printed.

As the journal will be fully available to the general public, two versions of the abstract and methods section will be included in each article: one written for the scientific community and one for the general public.

No subscription fees are charged for access to the journal. However, authors (or their institutions) will pay a submission fee at the time they submit a manuscript and a publication fee prior to publication of an accepted manuscript.

Harris Cooper, of Duke University, and Gary VandenBos, of APA, will serve as the journal’s first editors. Thirty current or former editors of APA journals will serve as associate editors. A board of consulting editors has also been appointed.

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