APA report on educational disparities is released

Task force reviews research on disparities and how to address them.

The American Psychological Association has issued a report on Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Education: Psychology’s Contributions to Understanding and Reducing Disparities (PDF, 1.22MB), produced by a task force appointed by Melba Vasquez, who served as president of APA in 2011.

The report reviews research on such topics as the determinants of educational disparities (including factors related to immigration, socioeconomic status, language and school characteristics), interactions of race/ethnicity and gender, stereotype threat, bilingual education, gifted education, teacher-student interactions and strategies for addressing disparities. Recommendations for research, educational practice and advocacy are offered.

Members of the task force were: Stephen M. Quintana (chair; Univ. of Wisconsin), A. Wade Boykin (Howard Univ.), Andrew Fuligni (UCLA), Sandra Graham (UCLA), Samuel Ortiz (St. John’s Univ.) and Frank C. Worrell (Univ. of California, Berkeley).

During her term as APA president, Dr. Vasquez appointed two other task forces, which produced reports on immigration and on discrimination and diversity.