Convention sessions especially for science-oriented graduate students

Programs organized by the APA Science Student Council and the APAGS Science Committee.

At the American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention in Honolulu, July 31-Aug. 4, 2013, the APA Science Student Council (SSC) and the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) Science Committee will be hosting several exciting and informative panels, symposia and presentations and one poster session, all designed especially for science-oriented graduate students. These programs cover a range of topics including: cutting-edge student research, non-traditional job opportunities, securing research funding and interdisciplinary psychological research.

Applying the Science of Learning to Teaching Psychology

Advances in the science of learning have provided important implications for classroom learning and instruction. The aim of this presentation is to provide aspiring professors with practical strategies for teaching psychological science. Speakers will be Katherine Gibbs and Jeffrey Karpicke, experts in the science of learning and memory. (APAGS organized)

Breaking the Academic Mold: Nontraditional Career Options

The job world beyond academia can seem out of reach and foreign. This panel will highlight nontraditional career options for psychological scientists and demystify some of the perceived obstacles to nonacademic career paths in psychological science. Job search strategies, application tips and career trajectories will be discussed. Speakers will be Joel Grube, Barbara Wanchisen and Robert Bray, scientists from policy, nonprofit and private research firms. (SSC organized)

Succeeding in Horizontal Collaborations: Tips and Advice from Interdisciplinary Researchers in Psychological Science  

This panel will discuss benefits of scientific collaboration across disciplines, challenges that interdisciplinary work poses and tactics for successful research in scientific cultures different from one’s own. Speakers will be Lee Cohen, Martin Iguchi and Robert Proctor, psychological scientists who have published extensively in disciplines outside their fields. (SSC organized)

Giving Yourself an Edge: Frank Advice on Funding for Graduate Research

It's never too early to start honing the skills required to write a top tier grant proposal. This symposium will cover topics ranging from sources of funding to stylistic aspects of grant writing focused on increasing the chances of getting your project funded. Speakers will be APAGS grant winner Logan Fiorella and Rachel Casas, an early career psychologist with funding experience. (APAGS organized)

Publish or Perish! What Grad Students Need to Know about Publication and Peer-Review

Presenters will offer practical advice on how to navigate the publication and peer-review process. The aim of this presentation is to demystify the publication process for students and provide them with helpful information and guidance. Speakers will be Amanda Kraha and Jennifer Doran, experienced peer reviewers and publishers. Alexa Lopez will serve as a discussant. (APAGS organized)

We’re in the Money: Helpful Hints from Psychological Scientists about Securing Research Funding

A panel of distinguished scientists familiar with public and private research funding agencies will shed light on the world of grants, scholarships and fellowships for psychological research. Speakers will be Karen Bales, Tracey Revenson and Raja Parasuraman, scientists who have received grant funding from public agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation, as well as private sources. (SSC organized)

Late Breaking Poster Session: Cutting Edge Research from Emerging Psychological Scientists

Submissions for this session are due March 1, 2013, and notifications of selection decisions will be sent by March 20. Submissions for this session must have a graduate student as their first author and must not be redundant or substantively similar to proposals already submitted for the 2013 convention. Get more information about this late-breaking poster session for cutting-edge research by graduate students in psychological science. (APAGS and SSC jointly organized)

Additional programming will include Set Goals, Set Limits and Still Graduate, a work/life balance session organized by APAGS and much more.